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Paul R

1645.18 (641st)
180,713 (279th)
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Title Δ
Shift values in AVX2 register, grabbing last one from another regis... 0.00
Decoding of an encrypted text with a not specified crypt-key in pyt... 0.00
not able to write make file 0.00
fft Matlab vibration time domain to frequency measurement duration=... 0.00
Why is my assembly output in letter position? (1+1=b) 0.00
With AVX/AVX2/SSE __m128i set all bytes that are negative to -128 (... +1.69
How to most efficiently store a part of __m128i/__m256i, while igno... -0.70
Issues with macos GCC toolchain compiling simple hello world 0.00
Using the convolution theorem and FFT does not lead to the same res... 0.00
How to assign a specific memory address to a pointer? -0.68
How to convert time bins in spectrogram to real time? 0.00
How to exclude a specific file in scp linux shell command? +1.53
What's the case of float division returning inf and finite value? 0.00
Logging stdin and stdout -0.57
Transfer directories through FTP but just images and videos 0.00
What is the relation between AVX and Floating Point, and why is AVX... -2.31
Unable to use variable as command argument inside for loop 0.00
Parsing MIDI Files using C - (Possible Problem Allocating Memory) 0.00
Read in while loop -0.47
What is the SSE2 assembly equivalent of intrinsics? +1.70
x86_64 SSE alignment : differences between GCC and Clang 0.00
Memory access error with _mm512_i64gather_pd() 0.00
How can AppleScript be used to send key codes (or an equivalent) di... -0.20
2D FFTW with MPI is too slow 0.00
Put uint8_t inside of a uint64_t +0.28
Why doesn't this program detect that there is a whitespace? 0.00
What are _mm256_testc_pd, _mm256_testz_pd, _mm256_testnzc_pd for? 0.00
MIPS - How to allocate memory for an array of integers that come fr... 0.00
SSE addition is slower than + operator -1.41
How to void if/else preprocessor macro with another define? 0.00
How to put together datas into a file? -0.20
How to merge only some files from another branch 0.00
How to solve an 8bit shift register question? 0.00
Convert an ASCII decimal string to an integer 0.00
GNU GCC compiler - aligned attribute -1.28
Understanding bitwise operations and their effects 0.00
Expansion of alias “a“ failed;’version’ is not a git command 0.00
OSX bash minimize window +0.30
ARM NEON Intrinsics: Limit values of a vector to 0-255 -1.52
Python raspberry pi serial sim868 Login incorrect -0.21
Casting two bytes to a 12 bit short value? +0.28
I am debugging this C++ program. There are no more syntax errors th... 0.00
Understanding syntax puzzle in c +1.98
AppleScript not complying due to image -1.37
Opencv assertion errors +0.30
Segmentation Fault (core dumped) during Red-Black tree "correc... 0.00
Why is load_ps() working on one PC but not on another? 0.00
Transform comparison routine to Intel SIMD -2.26
Get sum of values stored in __m256d with SSE/AVX -2.49
Meaning of this code (probably in FORTRAN 90) +1.36