An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1522.97 (26,745th)
851 (176,963rd)
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Title Δ
Fluent API with TypeScript? +6.32
how to get the value of the key without looping through in Python +2.51
How to run nodemon + ts-node + typescript altogether without having... -4.16
Typescript typechecking abstract class -3.98
How to optimize my JS code in terms of complexity +2.45
How could i return this type -0.52
TypeScript error: foo is declared but its value is never read. TS6133 0.00
Visual Studio Code won't let me debug a specific code I wrote +0.59
Initializing an object with a pattern in a concise way 0.00
Simple way to return default value If accessing properties of possi... +3.62
Explicit return type based on Array.isArray() -2.27
How is “for(const [[[[[a, b, c]]]]] in [0, 0]);” even valid? -2.08
Typescript: return multiple type regarding to parameter value +4.52
Download npm dist package without having to install npm +3.83
Using Chai expect throw not catching promise rejection 0.00
Typescript: incompatible types with React spread props -0.21
RestFul API Node.js, Express - error status - response empty array +4.13
angular 5: pass a callback method to 3rd party script with angular -1.29
javascript reduce not working on object +0.44
Type 'null' is not assignable to type 'HTMLInputElement... +4.56
Why this ts class doesn't run as expected 0.00
Defining types for untyped module that exports single function 0.00
My await syntax is not working properly 0.00
Not able to add new property to mongoose result 0.00
Fetch data from MongoDB query in Node JS -4.40
Filtering line number when calling a text file from javascript into... +3.34
JS immutable objects keep the same object type +3.98
Cant create a collection? 0.00
Using JSON Response Data to apply a background-image style to a JS... +4.07
How do I deal with pagination when I have so many pages to paginate? 0.00
Is there a way to change the background of a div when text is enter... +0.43
Use number of iteration in for-loop instead of element of list +4.02
Loading external javascript in a Chrome Extension 0.00
Is it possible to make the setTimeout function behave like setInter... -3.24
Hashmap get returns null -1.64
SQL insert date into database -2.08