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1629.32 (873rd)
1 (3,288,830th)
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Title Δ
What server side happen when abort a XHR request in client? 0.00
Should classes define getters for their dependencies? 0.00
What does 0xff <<n do in Java? 0.00
Is using composition to leverage inheritance from Java abstract col... 0.00
Jasper report exporting to text results in java.lang.OutOfMemoryErr... 0.00
Is the compression happening after the encryption? 0.00
Achieve synchronization in multi-threaded counter Java 0.00
Mockito calls mocked method once time upon chanching the behavior 0.00
Hibernate uses wrong column name despite all anotations 0.00
Any intention of overhauling existing Java platform classes (JEP 36... 0.00
Which variable is the result of new operator assigned to in `void i... +0.31
Java: Problems with ZipOutputStream and UTF-8 encoding 0.00
Fetching sensitive data from application.conf +0.31
Do Hibernate Isolation work on insertion? 0.00
About exercise 1.2.9 on p.115 in "Algorithms 4th Edition"... 0.00
Cannot return Stream of subclass objects after filtering +0.34
spring boot UTF8 encode 0.00
In Java, is it possible to declare a field that can never become nu... +1.32
Assign role by default in liquibase 0.00
Type safety: Unchecked cast from Class<capture#2-of ?> to Cla... +0.32
How to import Scanner into a class called System -2.07
Is there any better way to optimize code in setting parameters usin... +1.05
How to create nested list in list +0.33 ISO-8859-8, text/xml -0.66
JDBCTemplate - How to run an UPDATE statement with a Map<String,... 0.00
Why saving the char '�' to a file saves it as '?'? 0.00
What is the recommended pattern for two classes with identical beha... -2.95
Class level, instance level and local ThreadLocals +1.02
Fatal error detected by Java Runtime Environment by a class of a pr... 0.00
RuntimeException in child function should not affect parent calling... 0.00
Calling a method in ExecuterService using double colon (::) -0.05
Will Java Spring Boot Set and Get Values in Redis in a Thread Safe... 0.00
Does Lock work as a boolean semaphore on a single thread? 0.00
Putting commas int the String +0.31
Java - Why use EnumMap when enum itself can be used as a map? -0.27
Using ForkJoinPool together with AsyncHttpClient - does it make sen... 0.00
how could "max" of stream accept param like "Integer... 0.00
How to sort values in customized order +0.58
Java 8, Google Reflections -- Get Annotated Types as List of Annota... 0.00
Iterating over dataset using GSON parser 0.00
Can I directly map the data from an external source on it to persis... +0.85
Java stream: Collect Stream<int[]> to List<int[]> 0.00
Where can I find out what each JDK version's lowest compatible... 0.00
How can I run Java without GUI (where isHeadless is true)? 0.00
Would a singleton Stream.empty make sense? -1.68
Java: generically return a typed Set specified by parameter 0.00
Why do people gitignore .classpath and .project? -1.26
How can I skip the limit(number) call with a stream when the number... +1.32
How do I ensure memory visibility in Java? 0.00
when passing object to database, debugger says attribute has variab... 0.00