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Z boson

1507.53 (103,448th)
21,288 (6,293rd)
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Title Δ
SIMD for float threshold operation -1.85
Parallelize Nested Loops using OpenMP -0.52
private variable outside parallel for-loop 0.00
Clang, OpenMP and custom vector/matrix reduction +2.39
Choice between aligned vs. unaligned x86 SIMD instructions -1.44
Openmp results are not robust? 0.00
code that may not be directly parallelized by OpenMP 0.00
How to properly use OpenMP? -1.02
How can I use openmp and AVX2 simultaneously with perfect answer? +2.32
nvptx gcc (9.0.0/trunk) for openmp 4.5 off-loading to (gpu) device... 0.00
openmp parallel recursive function in c 0.00
Openmp for loop: static schedule with work unbalance 0.00
Reduction in OpenMP with GMP/ARB matrices +0.49
Use openMP only when an argument is passed to the program +0.50
Possibly race condition issue when using openmp 0.00
Is it safe to use openMP simd for following loops? 0.00
Problems with gcc 7 and 8 (debian) in OpenMP offloading to nvptx 0.00
Weird optimization results for this multiply-add code 0.00
OpenMP offloading to Nvidia wrong reduction 0.00
How to access device memory which was allocated using omp_target_al... 0.00
does gcc's __builtin_cpu_supports check for OS support? 0.00
Multithreaded & SIMD vectorized Mandelbrot in R using Rcpp &... -1.22
Why the OpenMP parallel for loop doesn't work properly? -1.59
Can I use `omp_get_thread_num()` on the GPU? +0.02
C++ OpenMP: nested loops where the inner iterator depends on the ou... 0.00
How to design a parallel code for a Fibonacci algorithm, but withou... -0.89
ICC compiler - error: parallel loop condition does not test loop co... -0.89
SSE etc. vector programming (SIMD) +0.88
How can I print the bits of a __m128i variable in C? -0.49
which openmp schedule am I running? 0.00
Error : casting user defined data types in c -1.24
No Performance gain after using OpenMP to optimize loop 0.00
OpenMP parallelization (Block Matrix Mult) -0.55
AVX scalar operations are much faster 0.00
How to sum all 32-bit or 64-bit sub-registers in an SSE XMM, or AVX... +0.47
Why is this SIMD multiplication not faster than non-SIMD multiplica... +0.12
overriding function calls from SVML -0.52
Optimising 2D rotation 0.00
What is the benefits of using vaddss instead of addss in scalar mat... 0.00
A better 8x8 bytes matrix transpose with SSE? -0.16
How to add an AVX2 vector horizontally 3 by 3? -0.51
How to process return in OpenMP parallel code? +1.94
Compute number of iterations in openmp for loop with dynamic schedule -0.55
How to enable sse3 autovectorization in gcc +0.48
Can I use the AVX FMA units to do bit-exact 52 bit integer multipli... +0.89
How to use openmp to parallelize the movement of array elements +0.06
What is the minimum version of OS X for use with AVX/AVX2? +1.91
AVX float4/double4 struct 0.00
New AVX-instructions syntax 0.00
openmp parallel for - How does it handle previously private index? +2.06