An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Prakash G. R.

1489.96 (4,293,384th)
3,958 (42,227th)
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Title Δ
Extra join in query for value objects in Entity Framework Core -0.67
Adding custom navigation property in Entity Framework Core for tabl... 0.00
Roles not working on controller. .NET Core API 0.00
EntityFramework Core InMemory database - Seed data from SQL tables... 0.00
Custom authorization filters to check email confirmation and resour... 0.00
C# Non standard header in response causes exception 0.00
how to stop razor partial persisting status message from one page t... 0.00
Best practice for protecting against Denial of Service(DoS) attacks... 0.00
¿Is there a way to call a class method on every controller act... 0.00
What is SharedLocalizer in .netcore? -1.71
c# razor, how to use html button to run a method? -0.50
Is it possible to serialize a classname similar to a property -1.77
How to handle all ValidationException that would answer contained P... 0.00
Form not returning value to controller action due to ID conflict +0.49
How to return a JsonResult to Razor Page? +0.16
How to append items to a bound list? -0.01
How can I convert Entity to Object in java 0.00
ASP.NET Core 2.2 Prevent Direct URL Access to Document/File 0.00
API endpoint to check latest .NET Core SDK version +0.14
Model State Always true even when the required field is not sent +0.01
How to configure an app service that only needs to be up-and-runnin... 0.00
What is the effect of increasing partition key count on read perfor... 0.00
Downloading and creating empty folder in azure blob with aspcore 0.00
Where are the ASP.NET Core/.NET Core (preview 5) sources? 0.00
How do I give a name to the SSL certificate purchased in Azure? +0.51
Updating web app in ASP .NET CORE Replaces files, or Deletes files,... -0.49
What is the .NET Core way of storing application settings? +0.00
.Net Core auto-generated string primary key +0.45
Will EF recognize changes to an entity altered outside of the Servi... -0.83
NewRelic, async http handler and AcquireRequestState -0.00
Eclipse Plugin and ADT modification for API Integration in Create P... +0.04
Annotation processor-generated Errors/warnings not showing in Eclip... 0.00
IResourceChangeEvent - how to identify a project delete/rename 0.00
Visual Studio: Git Team Explorer does not show any changes 0.00
How to enable and disable items in the menu contribution? +0.01
How to make TableViewer exapandable in SWT? +0.01
Extending JavaEditor in SWT 0.00
Java - Placing of few buttons and textboxes using SWT 0.00
Eclipse Plugin - TreeViewer display large amount of Text -1.01
How to create submenus on menu in eclipse plugin 0.00
Make button unclickable until certain conditions are met in TitleAr... -1.76
Unable to add breakpoint in eclipse -0.25
Use working sets by default in Eclipse RCP +0.22
How to Programmatically Add Items to Eclipse's Problems View -0.87
Eclipse plugin,how to run a wizard with popup action? 0.00
Eclipse Handler Parameters 0.00
In eclipse how to tell which 'wizard' invoked the actual wizard class 0.00
How to convert Milliseconds to date format in C#? 0.00
How do I open a new workbench window (with its own WorkbenchWindowA... -1.94
JFace wizard question 0.00