An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1476.24 (4,332,693rd)
2,606 (64,550th)
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Title Δ
C# async Task<string> result as System.Threading.Tasks.Task 1... 0.00
How to fix 'Not a constructor function' error in javascirpt 0.00
How do I prevent a user from entering string spaces? +0.03
select values from collection with generic types at runtime +0.55
Can this statement be simplified with ?? or ?. operators? +0.55
C# assigning a class array but value is treated as 0 0.00
Linq average of list with all its nested list values -1.04
C++ For statement not executing designated number of times 0.00
In this snippet, Does memory allocation help ? I think its overwrit... +0.26
C++ Calendar (Cannot Get Value of Variable to Return to Main Functi... +0.20
How to simplify or reduce the code in C#? +0.28
Random number in C with rand -0.22
lua array into c++ array +0.53
Program Leaves Loop Too Early +0.87
How can i build a content of text lines from some controls and writ... -0.22
C# dictionary keeps changing the values into the last added value. -1.20
Pointer to Type Cast & Dereferenced Pointer +0.27
How to print multiple values in for loops-methods? +0.55
Deep copy structure C++ -0.82
The point of throwing exceptions -0.08
How do you re-write a C++ empty if statement with side-effects +1.47
Is there a "smart" way to break out of nested loops? +0.24
using reinterpret_cast to convert char* to vector<byte> -1.75
Confusion between new something() and new something[] in c++ +0.69
Java code containing ! In for loop +0.49
What happens to the data in memory deallocated by free()? +0.72
How do pointers work -0.35
Pushed vector value keeps changing after conditional statement (C++) 0.00
How would you round up or give a minimum number to a fraction? +0.09
String Reversal using Recurrsion using char* 0.00
Is malloc needed for this int pointer example? +1.44
C++ programming True or False questions 0.00
a c program which returns a pointer to array of 2 strings -0.46
Bug in the code -0.18
Accessing multidimensional C++ std::vector -0.74
c++ overloading operator [] for files 0.00
How do I protect a web service that does not require authentication... +0.71
Pass by value or const reference to function? -1.16
Why does it only calculate the first line of the function and not t... -0.02
How to check a int variable is modified or not? -0.42
Linq to SQL and selecting user's projects in ASP.NET MVC 5 Iden... -0.21
using a string as a file container -1.98
Enter your name, output before first space 0.00
Reverting to previous values in a memory zone in C +2.50
How does placement new work? +2.83
Sorting class gender when reading from a file +0.55
deleting indiviual pointers from an array +0.89
Why is my string limited to one word? (c++) 0.00
Different structs with the same variable names -0.04
C++ for loops "Statement has no effect" warning? -1.19