An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1733.19 (63rd)
116,492 (574th)
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Title Δ
Merge loop and print statement in Python +0.21
Select list element where a field has the min value +0.87
Convert date format yyyy/MM/dd/hh/mm/ss to datetime object in Power... +0.76
Vowel list: weird lambda expression +0.18
Why it is returning PY_VAR0 instead of a number 0.00
Removing '\n' character from print statement -0.29
Python Regex find standalone case +0.51
PowerShell Function return two True's 0.00
How to run multiple commands in a PowerShell Alias +0.90
Passing Variables to Send-MailMessage +1.05
How to declare a static member in a Powershell 5 class? 0.00
How to make typecasted variable appear as key rather than value usi... 0.00
Why Powershell does not evaluate the expression 0.00
Is there a "Sum" function? 0.00
Output overwrites previous entry in file +0.94
Weird ceilling for array access 0.00
Split by a word (case insensitive) +0.21
TypeError: Super does not take Key word arguments? +0.18
Call the Button contrustor from inside a class' __init__ 0.00
Differences in data types from two approaches 0.00
How do I undo True = False in python interactive mode? +0.47
More Pythonic way to turn any number of different lists or tuples i... -0.78
Creating custom "list" attributes +0.98
Strange behaviour with strings and arrays 0.00
Place widgets into Frames? 0.00
Terminating array variable +0.96
Unpacking List of Tuples of List(s) +0.71
List comprehesion using a dictionary +1.24
What's the pythonic idiom for making a simple list out of a lis... +1.15
Parameter value can't be set to null if data type is set 0.00
Two identical datetimes not comparing equal 0.00
How to make Python ignore indentation and \n in re expressions +0.64
Call a function within format syntax 0.00
How to extract zipcode in the middle of a string? -1.22
Escape single quotes in PowerShell 0.00
Regular expression extract username from domain +0.20
Remove first octet from IP address with Regex split +1.00
How do I use all() built-in function? +0.81
0 not an [int] in PowerShell? +0.63
Get mutplie values from a dict at once -2.71
How to change Tkinter label text on button press +0.21
Rounding up a double to the nearest integer 0.00
How to use regex to remove all symbols but replace blank with '... -1.94
Can you "restart" the current iteration of a Python loop? +0.56
Modifying iterator in for loops +1.16
Unable to print variable value inside string using Write-Output 0.00
Check if PyObject is None 0.00
Empty parameter is not Null in function 0.00
How to return the length of a new variable created with New-Variable 0.00
How to split a string based on either a colon or a hyphen? +0.77