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1516.63 (38,710th)
21,107 (6,348th)
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Title Δ
Thread 'main' panicked at 'attempt to multiply with ove... 0.00
Idiomatic way to filter values matching a pattern in an iterator 0.00
Rust's alternative for C++ ADL overloaded functions? 0.00
Using variable twice without cloning in rust 0.00
Can a macro simplify trait impl? 0.00
Rust build script to copy a file to target directory 0.00
Is chaining in conditional statements idiomatic rust? 0.00
What does Something get(fn something): Option<u32>; mean in R... 0.00
Lifting function to Option 0.00
How can I choose between multiple implementors of a trait without t... 0.00
Rust String vs &str iterators 0.00
Why am I required to "cover" T in `impl ForeignTrait<L... 0.00
How can I take a number of values from an iterator inside a for loop? 0.00
Is it possible to create a custom derive that would prevent cycles... 0.00
Cant copy on a struct with a string so how do I fix this? 0.00
Advent of Code 2015: day 5, part 2 unknown false positives 0.00
Not understanding life times 0.00
How to convert [i8; 88] to something stringy +0.48
What are sum of Rust types + lifetime? 0.00
How best to implement the "newtype" idiom in C++? -1.01
How do I create a macro that transforms inputs into a tuple? 0.00
How to kill a process on Ctrl+C event in Rust? 0.00
Pushing a runtime operation to compile time in Rust? 0.00
Why is printing an array of bytes shown out of order? 0.00
How to implement bidirectional conversion with From trait in Rust? 0.00
How to resolve mismatched types error around reference that involve... 0.00
Is there an alternative to `get_or_insert()` to pull out a referenc... 0.00
How do I improve my code to get integer values from regex named cap... 0.00
How can I (slice) pattern match on an owned Vec with non-Copy eleme... +0.34
How can I filter a list of filenames by their extension? 0.00
how to avoid unconstrained type paramameter error 0.00
Pass a pattern as a function parameter? +0.47
How can I read a file or create it along with its directory if it d... 0.00
Rust trait bounds with types 0.00
How to manage properly ownership with borrowing in Rust? -1.14
Efficient Rust collector of Results holding Vecs +2.03
Trait object's method which accepts several numeric types 0.00
How to properly satisfy the borrow checker when conditionally creat... 0.00
Rust: Shorten generic type bounds +0.47
What is a one-line solution to get everything except the last item... +0.48
regex finds only 1 match when splitting on all capital letters 0.00
Multiply all elements in a generic vector? +0.48
Evaluate multiple asserts in unit test - not stop at the first fail... 0.00
Matching Strings with string literals in Rust 0.00
Functional equivalent of function adding two elements to a vector i... 0.00
Rust dynamic dispatch on traits with generic parameters +0.47
Rust - I don't understand why this warning in 0.00
How do I check the type of a function parameter? 0.00
How to perform centralized error handling for pipelined method call... -0.03
Understanding type inference -0.24