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1518.68 (34,694th)
13,746 (10,443rd)
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Title Δ
iterating through 2 rows of same list in c# +1.59
How to "prefix" order by expression using dynamic-linq 0.00
Changing value of readonly array -2.25
C# convert dictionary into CSV like string 0.00
C# Regular Expression to allow any 5 alphanumeric characters except... 0.00
How do I use and ExpressionTree to access the name of the property... -0.03
QuoteString & DoubleQuoteString Replacement 0.00
How to convert Dictionary <string,List<string>> in C# t... -0.65
LINQ EF Core left join 0.00
Group by and count on list lambda c# -0.50
Make the largest number of the number +0.75
Why is this switch case returning a double even though it is an int? -2.21
Linq GroupBy objects with an if else condition +1.02
Distinct Count and SUM sub queries in Joined LINQ to SQL 0.00
Order lists lexicographically using Linq +2.45
Change return type of Expression<Func<,>> with value ty... 0.00
C# List<IEnumerable> get elements in transposed order +0.23
How to perform subquery,group by and aggregate together using lambd... 0.00
C# LINQ split complex joined string data to a List of objects -2.32
Search list using linq dynamically +0.22
How can I check a value is in a range in IList 0.00
EntityFrameworkCore GroupBy Select FirstOrDefault() SystemInvalidOp... +1.95
Mapping of nested IEnumerable<IDictionary> to a different typ... 0.00
How to use LINQ to search and item from the database 0.00
Add byte to byte array method optimization -0.09
Get a string of values and their count using LINQ -1.60
Playing waveform with NAudio lower for each turn -1.99
Sort an array of objects according to another array of objects in C# -1.53
Compare two List<Dictionary<string, string>> in C# and... +0.47
How to group list of files (strings) by folder and perform select m... 0.00
How can I split a Dictionary into multiple dictionaries based on gr... -0.07
How to cast a nested LINQ query into a rectangular array? +0.74
how do I do this action using linq? -0.14
C# Building Permutations with replacement but skip if it doesn'... +0.47
Incorrect results from multiple joins in Linq2SQL 0.00
UNION from multiple lists -0.05
C# advanced search in list +1.30
Linq operator to aggregate matching value and weight them 0.00
Check a column with Contain list in EF Core 3.1 -0.53
How to add string.join to foreach loop +1.22
Determine if a command has been finished executing in CMD in C# +2.00
Select with null in previous properties 0.00
Different OrderBy based on different filters +1.84
Is there a way to insert a character at multiple indices in one pass? -1.36
Update DataView based on the column value in VB.NET 0.00
StartsWith with any string from list to SQL request with LINQ and E... -1.71
C# Linq OrderBy Reflection with . deliminated string 0.00
How to read the file rating from an mp4 file? 0.00
Linq query in Entity Framework Core 3.5.1 0.00
c# SetIfChanged-Method with Expressions +2.08