An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Peter Darmis

1424.72 (4,190,801st)
5,698 (28,678th)
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Title Δ
Calculate height of div based off width & maintain proportion 0.00
Laravel API cors - request header field authorization is not allowe... 0.00
Make random numbers less random in php -0.40
How to redirect all requests within a subfolder 0.00
dynamically add a column to Datatables +0.59
dompdf Numbering pages but skip first one -0.41
Group by range of DATETIME - MySql +0.32
Table display and the same spaces between items +0.11
How to ignore the specific CSS codes coming from the WordPress plug... -0.32
Javascript even and odd range -0.01
How to make both up/down arrow in select input field in CSS? +0.37
The scripts that I made dont work and I can't find the problem 0.00
PHP/MySQL - creating a multidimensional array -0.80
Check if a substring exists in an array Javascript -0.09
Images infinitely looping on scroll +0.59
bootstrap table columns too wide, when I set no-wrap -0.28
CSS first-child absolutely not working -1.18
Change font size inside input-fields with css -0.57
Export/Import RSA key pair from web app 0.00
SQL - Selecting all or none in a set of rows -0.93
Relatively Positioned Parent not working as anchor for Absolutely P... +0.35
search form css class loaded twice and affecting placement after aj... +0.10
Handle table inside another HTML table without interfering with JAV... +1.80
Using foreach Loop In PHP To Parse Json -0.19
document.getElementById().src could not present images under Jquery... +0.61
continuously loading if there is no internet connection +0.13
how can I add labels for accumulated bars at the x-axis in jpgraph 0.00
Checkbox not returning the right value jquery/php -0.27
MySQL: How to insert character "@" +1.90
jQuery: Get the ID of unchecked table row -1.43
random number doesn't change in loop -0.68
JS calculates perimeter and area of triangle wrong -1.03
Session disappear after page refresh -0.05
How to insert a vector into a column of a table in mysql? +0.23
Javascript and callbacks and defered. How can I run a function afte... +0.56
Transform string from associative array into multidimensional array -0.42
Search Query not accurate enough -1.02
Error code:1215 Cannot add foreign key constraint while running scr... 0.00
What's the optimal way of making these AJAX GET requests with j... 0.00
Performance issue on query with math calculations +0.35
Not able to fetch details at random order from API by using JSONP -0.41
CSS Fixed padings for overflow: scroll +0.17
How to turn a string representation of a javascript object into an... +0.03
is it possible to fetch data from mysql database table from a parti... +0.60
Traversing from a mysql table using two loops +0.58
Reset incremented value of rows in MySQL 0.00
Timing Fade in Order UsingJquery -0.97
Create attribute in PHP by selecting tag name -0.41
MySQL query missing results in node-mysql that are returned in phpM... +1.58
How to interweave input from textboxes using Javascript -0.42