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Haleemur Ali

1522.05 (28,187th)
12,496 (11,725th)
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Title Δ
Remove first two valid data points from time series data in wide fo... 0.00
How to remove delimited sections from text in PostgreSQL? -0.18
Pandas splitting list with unorganised dictionaries -0.29
PostgreSQL: Is it possible to sort the part of the string has datet... 0.00
Break dataframe header into multiheader -0.87
postgresql inet ipv4 subnet group by largest subnet -0.05
How to group by counted rows in Postgres? 0.00
How to delete row with different data types? 0.00
Delete records by compound key over a limit +0.28
Pandas Merge DataFrame based on Two Columns 0.00
In Postgres, a more performant way of retrieving a session level se... +0.53
Pandas rank based on condition 0.00
It is possible to create a new data frame on Pandas from a time ser... -0.60
Slice series based on values in another series of the same data frame +2.27
Check similarity of 2 pandas dataframes 0.00
Pandas> how to find designated str length with regex? +0.45
Averaging certain values in Pandas data frame? 0.00
Unable to split the named groups as columns for date format using r... 0.00
How to combine three string columns to one which have Nan values in... +2.05
How to set postgres and psycopg2 so that it always searches the sch... -2.02
How to count consecutive characters? -0.52
MySQL select and group where members contain one value but not anot... 0.00
Regex Puzzle: Match a pattern only if it is between two $$ without... -1.05
Edit distance algorithm special issue -0.03
Combine values but with no duplicate values for a given compound id +0.26
PostgreSQL integer thousands separator 0.00
Can i append to a pandas dataframe while i'm looping through JS... -0.54
Redshift REGEXP_SUBSTR get last occurrence of a match 0.00
PostgreSQL: get first non null value per group 0.00
Replacing a series with another series of a different length in Pan... 0.00
How to drop a duplicate row in Pandas when the duplicate is in a di... +1.09
How to delete duplicate value in one column based on a string value... -0.73
Matching item in list with item in column containing list -1.14
SQL query to convert duplicate column values to unique value +2.17
Converting UNIX time from Nanoseconds to Seconds 0.00
How can i fetch a parameter in jsonb column -0.61
Convert emty list `[]` to `[0]` pandas dataframe +0.32
Simplifying Correlated Nested Subqueries +0.16
SQL: Finding a sum in an intersection with an interval 0.00
Getting the sum of values with a condition -0.27
Find unique values, count duplicates and rank them using WITH on Po... 0.00
Pandas convert array column into multiple columns with a condition +1.68
Get the latest child messages and also parent messages that are chi... -0.61
SUBSTRING negative start position +0.67
How to get values from column C where corresponding column A value... +0.47
multiple operations on two dataframes using pandas +1.73
how to change a numeric data to text in pandas plot? -0.54
multiple merge operations on two dataframes using pandas 0.00
Postgresql Trying to implement One-To-Many 0.00
Pandas: How do I normalize COVID-19 dataframe with different countr... +2.37