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1382.39 (4,409,255th)
4,494 (36,970th)
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Title Δ
How to move page and half-page in neovim (default key is not workin... 0.00
Delete a variable from multiple lines VIM 0.00
My vim ui is weird. It is hard to explain in word, please see the p... 0.00
Map :%s/^M//g in vimrc 0.00
in vim how can you insert the current date/time into a note 0.00
How to remove multiple words start with [ and end with ] 0.00
Vim fastest way to replace words 0.00
Convert to lowercase in Vim Visual mode until specific delimiter 0.00
vim's function to global search and paste in-place 0.00
Replace text before and after pattern in one command in vim 0.00
How to re-enable syntax highlighting in Vim? 0.00
how to increment a number in vim 0.00
Sort/Reverse Sections in Markdown (with VIM) 0.00
how to remove specific characters in vi or vim editor -0.84
iTerm2: open link under cursor (in vim) +0.65
vim - how to select and yank all comments? -1.39
Bad indentation vim from the clipboard -0.65
Surround selection into array -0.33
How to replace all the same text inside a blocked text in vim? -0.64
Creating a list or tuple out of one word-per-line in vim -1.43
vim: Selectively replacing brackets in a file +2.21
How to toggle (all) line numbers on or off -0.94
Table of contents in vi(m) 0.00
How to change a multiple repeated word in a document with vim -1.43
Delete previous all words +0.96
Possible to 'repeat' a dot command? +0.16
How to reset vim and neovim when sourcing wrong file .zshrc instead... -0.34
vim: multiple conditions for different lines -0.34
vim search and replace +0.61
How to use VIM(buffer) for quick editing of clipboard content -1.43
vim how to break new line without entering Insert mode -0.62
How to run commands against block-wise visual mode selection? -1.43
How to paste text in VIM +2.52
Run a previous command changing one argument -1.78
VIM: How to make buffer/register permanent? -0.94
How to Insert date in newly created file inside vim? 0.00
How to delete words on same vertical in vim -1.33
How to setup a keybinding in ZSH to resolve and edit the last comma... 0.00
In vim, how can I replace recursively across multiple *.js files wi... 0.00
How to automatically make a Shebang line for the files made in vi? +0.57
How to merge two list and make a dictionary using vim in vscode? 0.00
Close/exit active tab no matter what 0.00
Revert .zshrc file to its previous state 0.00
How to move the cursor down to the text after you paste it in -0.39
Visual find-character over multiple lines +0.60
How to collapse space after cursor in vim -0.95
list grouped files with pattern in a directory -1.22
Editing the command line within a shell within vim 0.00
Use vim and regex to translate code comments +0.65
Can not find the good syntax for a vim sustitute pattern -0.57