An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Neil Smith

1504.17 (165,730th)
2,317 (72,335th)
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Title Δ
AngularJS controller: what is the right syntax? -0.52
How can I inject custom data like factory in the ui router stateCha... 0.00
angular $http gracefully handling errors 0.00
Extension Method to an item of a ReadOnlyCollection 0.00
How do I use functions as variables? -0.24
Dependency injection if a class needs to create multiple instances... -1.90
How do you get a C# web app to "catch up"? 0.00
Connect to StackOverflow API +0.05
How can I get the instance of a interface from Unity? +0.00 Web api response - looping data +0.49
Bounded Context for EF 5.0 and Repository Pattern 0.00
Using a letter as a valid user input (console project) 0.00
Is there a way to select two parts of an array and use both at the... 0.00
How can I create an optional DateTime parameter? +0.46
Is there a way to get the parent (hosting object) from the construc... +0.96
Generic grade system -2.02
C# assign textbox value to a variable in another class in another f... +3.70
Need to a 'like' comparision -1.71
Generic class with two type constraints, and a interface implementa... +3.83
c# Optional Func Parameter +4.62
Is it possible to stop checking further validations when the first... 0.00
Replicate Entity inside ViewModel +0.58
An issue with deleting data 0.00
issue when accessing datetime value from async task 0.00
passed dbcontext connection string to DALayer 0.00
How do you open a start form and close it after some instructions a... 0.00
c# winforms -Pass Parameter Between Modal Forms -3.37
ASP.NET - GET Web Request API 0.00
Error inherit generic class MVC 0.00
Where is the proper place to add a method to handle SQL Connection... +0.77
How to search listbox items with only part of its text -2.01
How can I run a stored procedure that has no return values from C#... 0.00
How should I test a method that delegates most of its behavior to a... -1.92
Mock a method without mocking a class first -3.35
Exposing EF6 model subsets via WebAPI 0.00
Expression causes mock repository to return null 0.00
Boolean Function c# not all code return a value +1.20
Prevent blank datarow being inserted to datagridview +4.05
cannot update a row with a new datetime value ef codefirst -0.05
Best approach towards applying the Arrange-Act-Assert pattern when... +0.78
How to prevent the first character to be a number -3.64
Drop-down list property 0.00
Am I building the wrong entities in MVC? 0.00
Are there blocking issues when calling a REST webservice from a Web... 0.00
Unable to satisfy interface contract 0.00
C# sql delete command 0.00
MVC 5 Passing 2 Queries to View +3.99
change text of textfield from another static class 0.00
Setting the size of dataGrids that having been generated on new tabs 0.00
How to create DataGridsViews on tabs that are being auto generated 0.00