An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Ruslan Osipov

1460.97 (4,528,061st)
4,403 (37,934th)
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Title Δ
Git Checking out a Commit -0.82
test def() code not executed 0.00
django.db.utils.OperationalError: my_table has no column id error? 0.00
Travis CI, pip, and pygame 0.00
Database structure in Django for voting app +0.06
Lettuce django integration 0.00
Parsing Command line arguments in python which has spaces -1.06
Python searching a large list speed -0.91
Testing a test function decorator 0.00
Login user by User object in django +0.05
Generating fixtures in django +0.57
Undo cursor movement in Vim -1.23
Do things for a period of time program in python +0.04
Automatically setting getter, setter and deleter in python -1.55
making changes on remote branches 0.00
How do I undo to commits and pushes to github? +0.22
Priority error while using variable +0.45
Submitting Dropzone.js with base64 encoding file 0.00
An issue installing MySQL 5.5 on clean Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 0.00
Reference current branch and origin/<current> in git alias -3.10
Is it possible to get rid of all commits that are ahead of my branch? +0.16
How to see contents of remote (dirs and files) before cloning local... 0.00
What happens when a GIT submodule goes 'offline'? -1.68
Repairing a git repository after blindly using sed on all files -2.92
How to compare the code of two non-sequential commits in git / gith... 0.00
Git Pull on repo when a commit is pushed to GitHub 0.00
Unable to add changes to my repository 0.00
How to add old zipped sources at the beggining of origin trunk? 0.00
run bash script after git clone 0.00
A way not to wait for Heroku to compile/Git pre-receive hook to fin... -3.71
multi-user git development environment 0.00
Git merge with cloned projects (best practice) +0.27
Git Error while merging -2.49
Git workflow in Drupal +4.29
Downloading single file from Android Git 0.00
Avoiding duplicate record insertion into SQL table 0.00
sql table structure to store an html select data +0.28
Amending a pushed commit message -3.58
git workflow for multi client web development 0.00
Change last word on line in Vim +0.88
.gitignore NuGet packages folder at any level but include .targets... 0.00
Git: update submodule to the newest version 0.00
Python: If statement with exception using os.path.isdir? -1.02
Github doing unwanted changes on index.html 0.00
Improving Git workflow and optimization for PHP [magento] 0.00
git - How to cherry pick only changes for only one file, not the wh... -3.84
Why does git status for a particular repo return paths relative to... 0.00
git - ignoring commited files and switch branch 0.00
Can I delete a git commit but keep the changes +0.62
git on windows shows modified files all the time, even for newly cl... 0.00