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1546.80 (8,964th)
4,838 (34,314th)
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Title Δ
Unresolved identifier error in swift function with nested if loop -1.26
Issue with switching between UIPickerViews in one UIViewController +0.43
Swift UITableview Cell Checkmark and Search not working -0.08
UITableView data disappear when scrolling 0.00
How to filter all sections from an UITableView to get the wanted it... -1.01
Use custom UITableViewCells and duplicate them using an array with... 0.00
How to understand this rx-swift map function -0.20
How to select the cell in the section of aTableView in swift -0.16
How to get specific datas from web api to the table view sections? -1.54
Swift 5 If name of [[object]] contains one or more values of anothe... 0.00
i set it , but it doesn't confirm UITableViewDataSource -2.16
A passed data model is coming out as nil even though in debug I was... 0.00
Assign dosumentSnapshot to an custom Object? -0.08
Firestore - Subcollections Swift 0.00
Updating Firestore Database causes iOS crash 0.00
Order data with Firestore returns error 0.00
How to store data in form of object into firestore using swift 0.00
Get Firebase document objects as Swift object 0.00
Conditional filtering in firestore 0.00
Wait for query to fetch Firestore data before continue +0.42
In iOS 11, how to make core data searchable in core spotlight -1.89
using delegates in Xcode to perform functions -2.34
KVO infinit loop with 2 way binding 0.00
UILabel's font not adjusting until view reappears -0.24
Center aligning a switch in Horizontal Stack View -0.09
UITableView didSelectRowAt is not called iOS 10, but works for 9.3.5 0.00
MySQL min on consecutive rows -0.37
list the tables only if all the listed columns exists - MySQL -0.35
How to add combinations values if rows don't exist? -0.59
MySQL: Multiple joins and their effect on sums 0.00
MYSQL Group rows and sort each group +0.46
SQL query left join issue -0.77
MySQL - Use derived column names in the subsequent comparisons 0.00
Join on matching records and create combinations when no match 0.00
MySQL Data Filter Without Group By +1.49
Select rows with MAX(datetime) and also get min values with their d... +1.69
MySQL: Select/sort entries with the fastest rising scores 0.00
MySQL daily score change with global rank 0.00
Why would you use an optional type for a constant with value? -2.16
Cakephp - Finding records with no associated records 0.00
CakePHP 3.x single association based on multiple tables 0.00
Whole number search in cakephp 0.00
Model and behavior use in cakephp 0.00
How can i select records from two tables in cake php(cake 2) 0.00
How can we Substract SUM(s) of two columns from two tables in Cakephp -0.08
CakePHP Missing out AND statement on Query +1.91
cakePHP renaming Database names +0.42
CakePHP - Paginate data after joining tables 0.00
CakePHP Model is not associated with another model, association issue 0.00
How can I correct this query in CakePHP 2? 0.00