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1562.39 (5,067th)
8,142 (19,299th)
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Title Δ
Passing a pointer into methods in C++ resulting in weird output 0.00
Why is not Processing char in switch statement? C++ 0.00
friend member function can't access private member data 0.00
Finding sum in less than O(N) 0.00
c++ Pointer of pointer gives a value? 0.00
c++ adding random(i think) numbers in the end of string output 0.00
How to change class attribute values permanently with a function in... 0.00
Confuse about & and * in the C++ 0.00
Tic Tac Toe game in c++, issue with play again function 0.00
divide and conquer approach with merge sort 0.00
How do I move snake as intended in a snakeGame? 0.00
Can I make enumerations of variables in if statemants? 0.00
C++ Object value suddenly becomes NULL with no related prior instru... 0.00
Finding all the 3-combinations of the output of for loops 0.00
Is it possible to create a new instance of base class based on a gi... 0.00
How to return an array of object C++ 0.00
How to use string repeat in c++? 0.00
c++ find() returning a different value when stored as a variable 0.00
Protected within this context c++ +0.14
How to compare string char to struct array? 0.00
Compiling Problem with c++ on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? -0.09
Is it possible that the pre-processor can change the sign for opera... -1.46
Input operator overloading with a function 0.00
What does `!((n % 5 != 0) || (n % 20 == 0))` trasnform into? and wh... -0.66
C++ Segmentation fault: 11 Error, while coding linkedlist that adds... +1.63
Snake game -- tail movement +1.82
why cannot access private data member in cpy c-tor? 0.00
Empty constructor and value passing problem 0.00
How to get my overloaded << operator to print out my function? 0.00
C++ resize 2d vector where function is const 0.00
Deleting repeated elements of a vector c++ 0.00
Displaying a Game-board from a txt file by reading in each char 0.00
how to compare all elements in list using unique() c++ -0.31
Getting invalid conversion from 'char' to 'const char*&... 0.00
How to copy keys and values of map to set of pair -0.03
Is there a way to make vscode automatically write delete[] whenever... +2.21
Can anybody explain me like i'm 5 how the variables work on a f... -0.79
C++ => No constructor could take the source type, or constructor... 0.00
read data from file to vector array(only specific lines!) -0.09
Frequency of word in text file with help of pointer 0.00
Cash register cents calculation doesn't work? 0.00
error: implicit conversion changes signedness: 'int' to ... 0.00
Strange Iterator behavior 0.00
Facing problem in inserting element to an array 0.00
Different output every time in c++(unexpected behavior) +0.40
Easiest way to print timestamp to ostream +0.04
Making constructor of a second class a friend function in the first... 0.00
Stringstream math operations -0.12
Wrong child class function being called due to signature difference +1.84
C++ const correctness / missing const constructor for class support... +0.11