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1735.43 (51st)
71,039 (1,179th)
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Title Δ
transitionend is not fired when initial state and final state are t... 0.00
Curved border with stroke in pure CSS? 0.00
LESS SCSS MIXIN conversion +0.22
CSS moving border animation +0.80
Is there a graceful degradation option for this and MSIE? 0.00
Why this CSS3 animation doesn't work in MS Edge or IE11? 0.00
Adding depth to a box CSS -1.59
Y-axis working opposite way for translate() 0.00
How can I draw two lines obliquely with CSS (or SVG)? +1.50
Animate a skewed element in the skew angle in CSS 0.00
How to use CSS animations to create a cube's opening like in th... 0.00
Mask an area of an element to see and interact with area beneath 0.00
css pseudo-classes active don't work if I write hover behind it -0.87
Why $rotation variable in scss not parse in filter: progid:DXImageT... 0.00
Polyline svg start point have different stroke width than other poi... 0.00
Creating a cube opening animation +0.78
Transition animation with css3 - Open and Close 0.00
reverse keyframe direction of pure css horizontal img slider +0.21
CSS Border Image Gradient Not Working in Safari 10 0.00
Create line numbers on pre with CSS only +0.21
Can I use percentage units with CSS3 matrix transform 0.00
css animation with two steps and no transition +0.97
Use of border-image display 4 dots in corners of my div 0.00
Using LESS variables in HTML Data Attribute in "quotes" 0.00
Wider width not being applied using SASS +0.21
How to remove html unicode content from the last element of a dynam... +0.22
Sass divide does not work when using with sass function -0.29
Conditional when in less-file 0.00
Expand previous path in SASS 0.00
How can scale in positive x direction only? 0.00
Radial progress bar counter-clockwise direction 0.00
Less lighten, darken, and spin only work sometimes 0.00
CSS background gradient not working as expected +0.22
Hover > :before > Hover ? How? 0.00
Manage nesting in LESS +0.23
less mixin looping classes but with different values 0.00
CSS border-image: Only the corners filled with the specified backgr... +0.54
Ordered list in HTML that is numbered using odd numbers +0.21
Make variable value negaitve +1.01
Keyframe Animation on Div Height Affecting Bottom 0.00
CSS3 Animations , Individual section Animation length 0.00
CSS3 Keyframe Animation issue with "timelines" +0.82
Swapping <div> position causes loss of CSS3 transition effect 0.00
How to color path elements in SVG? +0.77
CSS3 animation/transition in rect clip 0.00
How to handle non configured variables in Sass +0.21
Sigmoid Curve Shape with CSS 0.00
LESS - Potentially unhandled rejection [2] No matching definition w... 0.00
is line-height:1 equivalent to 100%? 0.00
Is there a way to specify a selector from a function or variable in... 0.00