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Rating Stats for

Carsten Massmann

1481.17 (4,492,202nd)
9,138 (16,913th)
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Title Δ
Why isn't my form validation function working? 0.00
For some reason it keeps loading the same data even though it's... -1.69
Loop Through JSON file and clear based off dates +0.04
I am able to change the innerHTML on my tic tac toe game via a rest... +0.52
How to filter full name string properly in Javascript? -1.75
Can't get text box on same line as checkbox -0.09
Recursive function solving +0.61
Select the value of this id of dynamic of same id name in jquery 0.00
Print the oldest poeple -0.39
Convert javascript of checkbox to select type -0.02
JS display the countries with the most users (grouping an array) -0.09
Javascript which can read a JSON string and make a chart of it -0.14
Running a function that creates a click event twice causes the clic... -0.47
How to show default content if function returns nothing +0.25
js remove specific element in two dimensional(2D) array -0.03
Calculating the total of values in JS function and displaying it on... 0.00
How to create a multidimensional array with values from dynamically... 0.00
JavaScript, How to add timeout inside the for loop? +0.52
Remove and re-add Class Attribute inside a <div> unordered li... -0.00
Nested AJAX skips parent function, doesn't stop for server resp... 0.00
How to pass a JavaScript variable to PHP using AJAX and vanilla Jav... 0.00
Button does not react from the first click 0.00
What does OR 0x80 do? -0.27
What is the difference between assignment of object with property,... -1.12
javascript: find first truthy returned value from array of functions +0.50
How do i calculate radio input value with all other input type in j... +2.28
Checkbox not checking and hiding even if in the same form/div -0.99
JavaScript Array Sorting from Numbers to Characters -1.41
href modified via javascript redirected to old href +0.01
forEach filter. to render database by id +0.02
Dealing with currency in Javascript -0.85
Breaking out from a multidimensional array in JS - specific 2 quest... +0.53
Get array of same object from two arrays -0.76
How to move the SVG path to the right? -1.27
Using Javascript (VanillaJS) to add a click event and show/hide nex... -1.08
Callback Function .html(), and .val() together possible? 0.00
Sorting array by date and increment quantity on duplicate item -0.67
How to check/uncheck a checkbox by clicking a div that contains it? +1.52
Hide specific elements using jQuery and JavaScript +1.18
How to iterate and append characters of an array by push 0.00
Implement a function in JavaScript to determine if a word can be fo... -0.59
Apply a filter inside a '' statement +2.65
Group the objects based on object key and value +0.52
How to change URL parameter name using Jquery or plain JavaScript? 0.00
Why is my algorithm failing at this number? -0.54
Form with multiple inputs. Show/hide label for input if filled or not +0.52
How can I approach and align elements in the array? -1.33
JavaScript multiple condition filtering with array of conditions? -0.39
How do I select specific values from TypeScript / JavaScript String... 0.00
Fill a datatable with a JSON (api) in pure Javascript +0.55