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1533.80 (15,470th)
19,488 (7,033rd)
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Title Δ
How to use multi-inheritence with std::shared_ptr? -0.54
C++ std::future<bool> in a recursive function 0.00
How to statically check if two functions that might or might not ha... 0.00
Why is This bool value needed and exactly how is it being used? 0.00
Detection of free '==' operator using std::experimental::is... 0.00
How to access nested class member function from enclosing class whe... 0.00
Is there a way to use STL iterators as arguments without a template? 0.00
what's the best way to find the element occurs in other map val... -0.11
Is it proper to use qualified lookup with no namespace on the left... +0.34
C++, change data type of all the elements into a nested C array -1.69
How to implement a hierarchical structure in a Qt model using MV? 0.00
C++ delete node and its child nodes -0.04
Why doesn't passing a function with default parameters to a tem... 0.00
Can I use a name of a deleted pointer? 0.00
Leaf at same level in binary tree 0.00
C++: How do I compose multiple concepts? 0.00
How do you use multidimensional arrays as methods parameter in c++? -1.77
C++ is there another way to access members first and second than us... +1.02
Can this boost ptree block be shorter (and smarter)? +2.43
Is there a c++ std solution to filter and reduce without creating a... +2.34
Is there a C++ equivalent to np.frombuffer? 0.00
C++ Function with variable number and types of arguments as argumen... +0.44
Month of day with sequence in one for loop or range-v3 lib +1.76
Why does initialization happen in the following case? +0.46
How should I manage my memory in cpp with calling a C-style interfa... 0.00
Typecasting uint8_t vector to ap_uint<128> openCL 0.00
Append different types of data to a vector of bytes +2.81
Strange behaviour with this struct shallow copy? 0.00
How to use std::indirect_result_t in C++20 0.00
Is it allowed to pass the address of a CPO as an algorithm parameter? 0.00
How to use a compile-time interface with a runtime type? -1.86
How to get std::bind function signature? 0.00
Concepts in C++20 -0.56
A type that can hold both Foo* and std::shared_ptr<Foo> +0.56
Is there a standard way to swap arguments for a binary predicate? -1.71
C++: Creating a C++ vector of a template struct 0.00
How do I make a thread that runs forever? 0.00
Printing the key value pairs of a map where the key is a vector in... -2.08
Why is the time complexity for insertion of a string into an unorde... 0.00
Sorting vector using custom function that will accept vector of any... -1.81
error: declaration of ‘operator*’ as non-function -1.85
freeing the same memory with distructors +1.69
ISO C++ says that these are ambiguous, even though the worst conver... -1.79
C++ : I have two array where the first and last element have the sa... +0.01
Better way to get common keys from 2 std::maps -0.98
Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the... -0.05
Proper use of std::sort in c ++ +2.27
returning value by reference in C++ -0.43
Why my UniqPtr objects are double in size compared to std::unique_p... 0.00
How to slice map of structs into a sub-set with the same keys? -0.91