An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1480.96 (4,367,179th)
3,301 (50,972nd)
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Title Δ
Adding new element to Docbook 0.00
Eclipse QuickFix Feature 0.00
Too much org.apache.axis written to Eclipse console 0.00
How to make Eclipse show packages? +2.33
Exporting WAR from Maven Source files - Eclipse 0.00
How to make an array of objects? -0.10
How do I include screenshots of the full page in my serenity report... 0.00
Rest-assured with testng 0.00
Java in BlueJ - how to stop an animation running once an object has... +0.03
Maven project installation: invalid target release: 1.7 error 0.00
Regex: Java extract content between xml tags 0.00
Java Date Formatting DateFormat +0.89
ANT Pattern Matching - * vs. ** +2.10
Regular expression spaces in words +0.18
Git rebase keeping all features branch (assume their are no real co... 0.00
Mac environment variables not available to java runtime class +0.03
Write a text that would be the source code (Java) -1.01
Java - is it free? -0.51
When using the Repository Pattern in Java, is it ok to use a single... 0.00
Maven web project servlet class not found 0.00
Test Program in Windows Environment on OS X 0.00
pul git code to get new submodules 0.00
Constructor Injection vs Setter Injection 0.00
In my testNG integration tests can I use @factory more than once (u... -0.47
Csv: search for String and replace with another string +0.04
building gradle in eclipse +0.53
cannot fetch the remote branch nor switch to that 0.00
How to change the default search mode to "File Search" in... 0.00
Decorate a JComboBox editor component with a JLayer -1.56
Should pluginManagement be used in submodules? +0.00
How to measure testability of Java classes? 0.00
Build tool for Continuous Integration in PHP (Ant, Ivy, Maven, Phin... 0.00
Parse json array String in java 0.00
Link to an external file in XML 0.00
Maven or Jenkins to remove couchbase bucket documents -0.46
Change path to file with Maven Ant 0.00
Eclipse Java JTable vs Table 0.00
Best way to structure with many validating methods -0.80
Format specific part of Java code in Eclipse Mars -0.60
How to correctly escape []: in GitLab Markdown 0.00
Git: Not able to checkout branch even after removing worktree and r... -3.82
Confused about function declarations and prototypes -3.37
Validate User Inputed Phrases Java +0.22
Get resources from a jar file -1.56
How to use JButton in JTable? +1.20
Maven extract jar, compile new with dependencies 0.00
Analyzing ant project with sonar ant task and jenkins 0.00
IntelliJ cannot resolve symbol 3rd party jar with Maven 0.00
How to connect android bluetooth with arduino? 0.00
Wrong JDK/JRE in Eclipse/Maven? 0.00