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Damiaan Dufaux

1524.67 (24,334th)
2,260 (74,506th)
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Title Δ
Prevent reflow/redraw every time @State is changed 0.00
How to make onclick function execute only once? -2.21
Conditional property in SwiftUI -1.12
How can I invite a peer to a session using a different name from th... 0.00
How can I send a UDP message to all link local nodes using apple... 0.00
Reverse an array of integers without using Swift's object prope... 0.00
Layout in SwiftUI with horizontal and vertical alignment +0.86
How to parse the specific content in the HTML to my App 0.00
Necessary to break up guard statements to prevent extra computations? +3.97
Save the date of the day in a label -0.32
Create a custom step indicator in iOS with Swift -4.32
How to store results of script url in Javascript variable 0.00
append option tag with value which are selected in different select... 0.00
Why does NSDecimalNumber.notANumber.intValue return 9? 0.00
How to pass an image as a variable to UIImageView in separate View... -0.17
Change response model / shape depending on path 0.00
How to filter elements using JavaScript filter? +3.58
How to search for an index of specific word with an index of specif... -1.31
How can I trigger an event by onselect of autocomplete element of m... +3.49
A repeating countdown timer that continues even after browser refresh +3.79
Toggle a specific Text with JavaScript not working as expected +1.22
How do you make a method appear in the "overload set" onl... 0.00
How to add html tag inside plain text of javascript variable -0.34
add a method to a prototype 0.00
In my code i am trying to create rooms but i don't know why eve... 0.00
Extra arguments in call +3.58
writeDataUnsupported in ChannelInboundHandler (Swift-NIO) -4.13
Trying to get a JS script ported to Swift, but something isn't... -3.08
How to change color of type Character (not String) in a UILabel? +3.97
How to use Swift 4 KeyPath in CAShapeLayer animation 0.00
Extension on Array where element is a generic struct in Swift 0.00
Mysterious " " in Swift 4 print output (Xcode 9Beta) -0.22
How to show items in an array in a specific order? 0.00
Javascript Interface in Webkit 0.00
Continuous rotation is not centered 0.00
CAShapeLayer. Does the line pass through the point? 0.00
Platform specific code for shared watchOS/iOS classes in Swift? 0.00
Is there a way to have a single view not rotate? -0.09
Execute resize function only if a certain condition is met +0.04
"Meteor.userId can only be invoked in method calls" in Me... 0.00
Add protocol to struct after condition is met Swift 3 0.00
Running Swift code in while loop but times out 0.00
Select and change input value in table using data-attribute and Jav... -0.19
Generic parameter S could not be inferred 0.00
hide and show multiple elements with javascript 0.00
UIButton inside UISegmentedControl action 0.00
UIButton inside UISegmentedControl action 0.00
How to transition to a view controller with gesture swift iOS 0.00
Unknown segue relationship: Prototype with NSCollectionView 0.00
NSMatrix for spreadsheet implementation? 0.00