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1517.36 (37,896th)
4,017 (41,760th)
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Title Δ
Constructor doesnt set any values -1.52
c++ shared_ptr<map<int, int>> initialized with differen... -1.13
Having trouble creating an struct inside a class inside a function -0.53
why Copy Constructor was executed here -0.68
Simple AsyncTasc - better solution - prevent memory leak 0.00
Mockito not returning expected value -1.10
Playing multiple audios simultaneously with MediaPlayer -0.20
Wait for sound to finish before continuing 0.00
How do I loop over a HashMap after retrieving Firebase data? 0.00
Android: Playback State on Media Browser Client returns null pointe... 0.00
Can Netty's buffer and common modules be used in android 0.00
How to use mediaPlayer correctly in android? 0.00
Java audio fails to play wav file in Linux +0.13
How to get a .m4a audio file from a .opus audio file programmatically 0.00
How can I handle needing 2 versions of the same dependency in Java... 0.00
RenderScript: not matching function rsGetElementAt_uchar4 0.00
how to switching from speaker and earpiace during audio play 0.00
Video in Android : change visual properties (e.g. saturation, brigh... +1.18
Android - Mediaplayer next button doesn't work -0.03
Mock method for all instances of enum java 0.00
Changing audio button from play to pause when clicked and vice versa 0.00
Android Dependency Issue -0.15
Mediaplayer doesn't restart on first click after finish +0.47
Android SQLiteException: near "(": syntax error (code 1): -0.03
Android Nougat: TextureView doesn't support displaying a backgr... 0.00
Detect nearby bluetoooth enabled devices running my app 0.00
Problems when scaling a YUV image using libyuv library 0.00
Why can't I print the loop value twice inside a for loop -0.23
Why are values I store in one HashSet appearing in an entirely diff... +0.48
java 8 - store method in HashMap and get return value from method i... -1.08
Throw exceptions without needing to use try in Java +0.08
Get name of currently active thread in ThreadPoolExecutor android 0.00
Java Generics - Multiple Questions (Type not within bounds, Warnings) 0.00
How to play audio from buffer in Android 0.00
How is async task managed in the background in android 0.00
How to make my MediaPlayer Activity run in background? -0.03
Java - How to use a hashmap to map simple math operators 0.00
How could a Netty server send data to different clients? 0.00
Separate integration test task on gradle with android 0.00
android MediaPlayer to play online(external) audio 0.00
How to use setDisplay() for a mediaplayer in service class where su... 0.00
Setting background colour for VideoView hides the video 0.00
how to develop a custom equilizer for media player in android? 0.00
AndroId MediaPlayer error (1,-4) prepareAsync method 0.00
Android SDK build tools -0.53
NDK: Does GetByteArrayElements copy data from Java to C++? 0.00
NDK: Passing Jfloat array from Java to C++ via GetByteArrayElements? 0.00
Basic android app questions +0.31
How to add a new .cpp file to, and then build, a c++ library for An... 0.00
How do I play an animation through a button that is already set up... 0.00