An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1431.48 (4,408,310th)
1,556 (104,850th)
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Title Δ
How to view a cron job running currently? -1.31
How to get all combination of (numbers from a list) and (simple mat... +0.77
NullPointerException in while doing mockito unit test +0.69
Why doesn't this switch statement work? -3.26
Find number of common words in SQL table columns? -2.71
Garbage collection when application ends -2.64
Switch case with multiple values +0.66
Calculating the expected running time of function +0.76
Evernote Java API java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space when... -3.34
JAVA: How to check if all in objects array are objects of a subclass? +0.95
Cannot locate cause of nullpointer when using .getWidth() -0.08
Execute method at shutdown throws log4j illegal state exception una... 0.00
Find the largest sum of three sequential values in SQL? -2.40
MD5 checksum difference when using streams 0.00
SQL using more simple indexes 0.00
How to use a value which you are getting from a for loop as return... -0.54
if a script that did MySQL LOCK TABLES table died before unlocking,... -1.28
Stuck on Mean word length -0.21
SQL query returning less records than it should +0.63
Run code snippet while debugging in Intellij 0.00
Combining two tables and defining a third field -3.12
Do I really have a car in my garage? +2.75
Max number in a sql table column which starts with specific number -3.62
Oracle - how to do this query? IF ELSE IN() clause +1.06
Which query is more efficient if I use complex expressions? -3.16
Recursive integer partitioning algorithm -3.44
HQL order by criteria +0.90
Play 2.0 scala tutorial - heroku failing due to evolution -3.47
java caching tools +0.55
I need a java open source epub reader 0.00
Can't figure out MySQL statement +0.36
Translating data points to pixel coordinates for drawing -4.08
How to optimize the following oracle query to get the from and to c... +3.15
What should a Scala developer know about Java and/or the JVM? -3.74
How to return a value from a Map with a method? -1.16
Oracle - Unable to drop tables -2.95
Define composite primary key in Entity Framework +0.48
How to save current url in session in java +4.77
MySql Functions: Convert VARCHAR to actual tablename to use in a SE... +0.89
Calculating points on an elliptical orbit in 3D -2.92
Analyze table V/s DBMS_STATS in Oracle 9i -3.55
Select specific columns, along with the rest -3.81
I can't change my Font Family using Apache FOP +0.10
IntelliJ. Debug a program even if it does not compile +1.85
Upgrade My PDF Files from Version Using Java +2.05
Performance overhead of using java in oracle -3.77
Hibernate connection management in sessionfactory -2.84
How to synchronize data between server nodes? +0.71
PLSQL-Measure duration when condition is met -3.62
Access Oracle Table from Sql Server 0.00