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Rating Stats for

Olivier Verdier

1517.73 (35,940th)
28,903 (4,288th)
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Title Δ
Switch from vim to emacs mode in spacemacs +0.48
Coq: Proving that the product of n and (S n) is even -1.12
Find Haskell Int precision +0.51
Haskell Location Definition "No instance for (Fractional Int)... +0.41
Python program structure importError 0.00
haskell - finding pairs in a list 0.00
GitX-L: missing object 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -2.02
How to maintain long running git branches +1.18
Python assignment operator associativity -1.05
enumerating all possible strings of length K from an alphabet in Py... -0.04
how to generate the "exchange" map a.k.a. "swap"... -0.53
Matlab Generating a Matrix +2.58
Git Alias - Multiple Commands and Parameters +2.35
What's the best place to find Git reference content online while ke... -0.39
PHP character encoding � sign instead of à +1.32
Altering numpy function output array in place +0.71
Deleting a branch with an invalid name in Git 0.00
Submodule importing primary module +1.02
Can you create templates in VIM with placeholders? -2.16
Python import folder -1.42
How do I increase the speed of plotting in python? +2.24
LaTeX section highlighting in vim +0.02
Retrieving binary file content using Javascript, base64 encode it a... -0.50
Git push to wrong branch -0.54
Python: efficiently check if integer is within *many* ranges -0.98
Git: Pushing to two repos in one command -1.40
python nan and inf values -1.61
pointwise operations on scipy.sparse matrices 0.00
git replace local version with remote version +0.45
Is it pythonic to use interfaces / abstract base classes? -1.59
Plot smooth line with PyPlot +2.18
new matrix from existing one -0.53
how to send success message if we use django generic views -1.96
git stash and edited hunks +1.84
git fetch with path instead of remote -0.79
Has unit/integration test without asserts right to exist? -1.64
Backward search in vi-mode 0.00
More pythonic way to iterate -1.66
Create "downloadable" vCalendar object for Outlook with v... 0.00
Django - Is there a way to create a variable in the template? -0.91
Roots of a Quartic Function +0.20
Does Python copy value or reference upon object instantiation? +2.26
How to lookup the latest git commit hash from an ant build script +0.69
git rebase without changing commit timestamps 0.00
whats the best way to parse and replace the string with its values? -0.53
Forced naming of parameters in python -0.61
sorting in python +1.12
Problem with loop MATLAB -1.26
Changing floating point behavior in Python to Numpy style -0.52
git merge different repositories? 0.00