An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1374.25 (4,409,272nd)
3,176 (52,958th)
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Title Δ
how to set the use --enable-preview compile and run flags from grad... -0.98
How to iterate a queue during a telnet session? 0.00
adding maven repository for expect dependency with Gradle 0.00
Tcl expect error with spawning telnet: invalid command name 0.00
how to call functions from a tcl main script? 0.00
Can't find package from application written in Tcl -0.78
How to convert a JSONObject to a Java Bean with string variables? 0.00
how to count the number of elements in XML? -0.91
How to use tumbling window to group XML elements by content? -1.08
how to add a flat text file to BaseX? 0.00
How to create a new list item with FLOWR and XQuery? -1.04
add an XPath statement to a FLOWR to select "id" nodes fr... 0.00
cannot add string to database: BaseXException: Name '' is i... 0.00
How to add an XML string to an existing BaseX database? 0.00
is this valid JSON? error: Content not allowed in prolog -0.86
where is toXML in JsonParser, and why is the method not available? 0.00
How to get a File or Stream from a JSONObject? 0.00
How to use TwitterObjectFactory.jsonStoreEnabled to get a tweet as... 0.00
how to authenticate with Twitter4J? 0.00
How to set environment variables for bash from within powershell? 0.00
How Do I Determine the Distribution and Version of Linux Using Powe... 0.00
Webscraping - Data extraction - web scraper google chrome extension 0.00
how to specify a BaseX database from a FLOWR xquery? -0.96
why does xmllint give schemas parser error? 0.00
FileNotFoundException from new CSVReaderHeaderAware 0.00
How to marshall a List to an XML file with JAXB? 0.00
How to specify which database to query from the BaseX console? 0.00
how to execute an XQuery from the BaseX console? 0.00
XQuery for remote XML 0.00
How to run an XQuery from Java using BaseX? 0.00
How to make edit book method for Library and book class -0.33
I have the Netbean blues 0.00
What JDK should I use for netbeans? -1.49
Validating xml against xsd file generated through JAXB and XSD buil... 0.00
How to specify the entry point, Main-Class, for a FatJar using Grad... 0.00
Getting JShell Error: ';' expected for basic HelloWorld.jav... +1.24
Creating A Simple Solution: hello world in mono 0.00
powershell web service hello world error log -2.67
how to get the HostName from powershell? 0.00
build/install/<project>-shadow directory -- what is it? -1.39
build/install/<project>-shadow directory -- what is it? -1.39
gradle dependencies to resolve glassfish 0.00
Kotlin Unresolved reference: println from gradle on the CLI 0.00
mvn clean package: no main manifest attribute 0.00
Firebase Admin SDK can't connect to Database from inside jar file 0.00
Netbeans: how to create a gradle Java EE project? 0.00
base64 syntax for sending attachments in Thunderbird with HTML 0.00
NullPointerException from EJB injected to servlet -2.73
SyntaxError: mismatched input 'print' expecting INDENT 0.00
How to import a PIP package through Jython? 0.00