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Denys Séguret

1739.25 (46th)
279,500 (119th)
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Title Δ
INSERT IGNORE when key is auto_incremented? +4.62
Crop image and then stretch to fill available space +0.29
how do you get the background colour from a style sheet using jquery +4.35
How to convert String in java to Json +2.37
Can't figure out the dateformat string for 9/30/11 2:58:49 PM EST? 0.00
html5 drag and drop wit multiple types 0.00
HTML5 Canvas drawImage only draws after second refresh 0.00
ajax 'GET' call returns jsonp okay but callback produces 'undefined... 0.00
Syntax Error in javascript code? +3.47
How can I add to an image an HTML link using Google Chrome extension? 0.00
jQuery search as you type with ajax -3.75
What is the real purpose of Base64 encoding? -3.62
Weird Java fraction behavior -1.63
Work with JSON web service using jQuery 0.00
IE9 Float with Overflow:Hidden and Table Width 100% Not Displaying... 0.00
How is multi-catch implemented in Java 7? -3.40
Issue in Converting BufferedImage to img -4.06
Javascript clearInterval and setInterval() acting not as expected +3.00
Onclick Javascript Function to adding image -1.79
How to make a scrolling row of Divs using CSS & Javascript? 0.00
Java: Checking equality of arrays (order doesnt matter) -1.79
insert today's date in json +0.25
Java parse string with quotes +4.28
How are empty cells stored in a sparse array in JavaScript? -2.09
What is causing a the following error: "string.split is not a... -0.59
Update json data without refreshing the page? -1.59
java at server-side attached with html 0.00
Go webserver how is the performance stability, in terms of long run... +4.27
How to hide a class using javascript? -0.35
Need to reduce height of an image using javascript -0.72
Poor regular expressions in Go +0.20
When writing a single package meant to be used as a command, which... -3.90
syntax error: unexpected semicolon or newline, expecting } -2.04
Google Go and SQLite: What library to use and how? -3.82
do actions on end of execution 0.00
WebP encoder/decoder in go 0.00
Store map key/values in a persistent file -3.28
Comparing value of nil pointer variable -3.59
getApplicationContext() not working for asynchronous event 0.00
Android maps overlay -3.84
When to use layouts and when to use activities? 0.00
How to Display a keyboard in an Android Application? 0.00
Is there on install event in android? -2.97
Can I access the files I create with USB +3.95
Unable to get zoom buttons to show on MapView -3.35