An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Denys Séguret

1728.85 (63rd)
292,253 (120th)
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Title Δ
Difference between 17 digits timestamp -0.55
Js | String split by the first whitespace 0.00
Value is null even if it's not in console.log (...) +0.73
Sharing memory in NodeJS and Express application 0.00
Set int Pointer to int Value Golang -1.16
javascript closure on function objects -0.55
global variable not accessible to methods when used with testing 0.00
Can a BigInteger be truncated to an i32 in Rust? -2.26
Calculate if a certain color is in the same family of a given color +0.91
Define object property inside constructor +0.18
Prevent alt text of an img tag from being rotated when the image is... -1.77
How do I calculate the load time penalty for Node.js package? 0.00
Variable used. But still the error says "variable x not used&q... 0.00
Loop through data value and assign it as a class on paragraph 0.00
Groupby and count data in existing array to create new reformed array +1.04
How to call an asynchronous function and get its response inside an... -0.31
Match the biggest possible part of an expression +0.70
Push on array of prefilled arrays sets all elements 0.00
Directly returning an object in a promise 0.00
Regex replace wildcard substitution 0.00
How to achieve a function similar to the deconstruction assignment? +0.63
Record Method calls and Property access in Javascript 0.00
how to convert array of string to array of number +0.91
wait for complete response from async ajax tfrom api call 0.00
Count within two columns with a condition -0.81
Javascript multiline string issue +0.19
Using async requires async function, but my function is async +0.40
NodeJs SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier +0.19
Execute trigger function on scroll only once +0.18
passport.authenticate not working properly with nodejs 0.00
Javascript if statement with boolean -0.99
Add multiple instances of SVG node to DOM +0.19
Why does the regular expression r'[a|(an)|(the)]+' detect &... +0.18
Unable to find the mistake in setInterval 0.00
How do I write this recursive function to find the max depth of my... -0.53
regexp: get percentage number out of text and text itself +0.17
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undef... 0.00
Coalesce timestemp in select -3.02
How to get OR product of all values of a column of group 0.00
JS - QuerySelector null on element that does exist +0.23
using 'this' in forEach() or sort() +0.19
Unreachable Statements if condition Java -1.34
Is this the (previous) contents of a file in this git repo? 0.00
Random Number Generating +1.24
Replace all the ocurrence of a string (Keep the uppercase and lowec... -0.81
Is it safe to compare DOM nodes with "==="? +0.68
Two pseudo elements ::before with different properties -0.77
The constructor Integer(int) is deprecated 0.00
=> arrow mark in map function is not working in IE -0.53
What does js Array.prototype.copyWithin(target, start,end) do when... -0.99