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Stephen Cleary

1698.62 (151st)
307,080 (102nd)
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Title Δ
async autosave from property setter in C# WPF 0.00
Neither GetAwaiter().GetResult() nor .Result worked for me but Task... 0.00
Hosted service not terminating after Environment.Exit 0.00
Pass-through for IAsyncEnumerable? 0.00
Async method execution flow that has to deal a simple CPU bound ope... 0.00
Does "await Task.CompletedTask" do anything? 0.00
If you kill the thread that started a `async` task, do you kill the... 0.00
xUnit mocked async test method not raise expected exeption 0.00
How to execute an arbitrary number of async tasks in sequential ord... 0.00
Replace Task.WhenAll with PLinq 0.00
Cannot use extension command to call async from synchronous? 0.00
Async calls in blazor app hang forever and never error 0.00
Task without async/await in controller action method 0.00
Layering async/await in .Net 0.00
How to execute a dynamic list of async functions in a sequential way? 0.00
calling an async function from. a custom. thread in c# 0.00
Choosing between calling core blazor methods synchronously... 0.00
Is async/await still useful even when my method is not using concur... 0.00
how to use async method inside lock 0.00
One line fire and forget: void vs. async void + await 0.00
Does Task.Run generate overhead wiith IO bound operation? 0.00
C# How to cancel a progress bar? 0.00
C# Wait for async method to finish before continuing 0.00
Return IAsyncEnumerable from an async method 0.00
Does .NET resume an await continuation on a new different thread po... 0.00
ConfigureAwait(true) in library 0.00
Async task deadlocks if task is extracted first 0.00
How do I (gracefully) shut down a worker service from within itself? 0.00
Do I need to synchronize resource access between Tasks with the def... 0.00
Non awaitable as "fire & forget" - is it safe to use? 0.00
how to do it better replace continueWith to async/await in C# 0.00
Chaining Asynchronous function dependent on result of Parent Task 0.00
Distinct/GroupBy in WhenAll result Async 0.00
How to cancel ValueTask<T> 0.00
Do the methods in the services also have to be async when the contr... 0.00
When using "Async", why "Await" is used 0.00
Trying to run a Task in .net 4.0 (using SSIS) 0.00
Task running for min. amount of time 0.00
How to invoke a method on specific running task 0.00
How to cancel custom awaitable 0.00
"await task.ConfigureAwait(false)" versus "await Con... 0.00
How do you mock and IAsyncEnumerable? 0.00
How to wait for first async await method before continuing second m... 0.00
How to make ConcurrentExclusiveSchedulerPair work with async and aw... 0.00
To run or not run ConfigureAwait(false) with both services and acti... 0.00
Run compute heavy task in parallel without waiting for result in C# 0.00
Async Web Service call not consistently asynchronous 0.00
Realizing the benefits of async/await in a Web API when a syncronou... +0.22
async/wait: bubbleup exceptions? 0.00
Is Task.ContinueWith() guaranteed to run? 0.00