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Stephen Cleary

1699.93 (143rd)
307,080 (111th)
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Title Δ
difference between and async 0.00
Does Using Async Await Avoid Thread Exhaustion? -0.56
Using async and await with lambda expressions? 0.00
Difference between TPL and TAP 0.00
What c# async / await can do that a Task type can't? +0.86
Utilizing Async/Await in .NET Console applications breaks when call... -1.98
Throttling Message Queue Consumption While Using Parallellism 0.00
Correct way to access UI from background thread in UWP -0.54
Lazy<Task<T>> with asynchronous initialization -3.38
C# TcpClient mistakenly reads the response of a previous Write 0.00
Awaiting async tasks instantly vs declaring first and then awaiting +0.62
Which Thread resume the method execution after await in Web... 0.00
System Threading Tasks String To String Conversion Error 0.00
.Net core & SynchronizationContext & Thread.SetData +0.66
How to process a complete list of inputs with TPL Dataflow? +0.63
Run async operation in parallel without Task.WhenAll +0.22
Should I return result of AutoMapper using await Task.FromResult()... 0.00
How do I write code to realize these tasks? +1.33
How to use Span<byte> in async method? 0.00
Benefits of running an asynchronous method on a different thread? (... +0.24
Function don't await end of foreachAsync 0.00
SendOrPostCallback behaviour 0.00
Calling multiple async methods within other method without returnin... +0.21
Code execution blocked with Factory.StartNew 0.00
Asp.Net WebAPI Wait the Current Response Sent before Next Request E... 0.00
Call sync and async method with await difference? -2.45
Using a CancellationToken to cancel a task without explicitly check... +0.44
Task.Run(method group) vs. Task.Run(lambda) 0.00
How to bundle async tasks for Task.WhenAll? +0.27
Why the lock inside AsyncLock does not block the thread? +0.60
Is there a way to handle the event when a new thread is created in... 0.00
What is the best practice/proper way to invoke an async method with... 0.00
How to use Async Task in sync method +1.47
Update async intill key pressed 0.00
Why an async Action I passed to Task.Run() is not awaited? -1.48
Passing extra argument to the EndMethod when using Task.Factory.Fro... 0.00
Task Chaining when every task is dependent on certain events 0.00
Allow Objects Created on a Background Thread to be Accessed on the... 0.00
IQueryable iteration: do I need ToListAsync()? 0.00
Why make an awaitable synchronous doesn't work in a separate me... 0.00
A way to Lock await calls one at a time when there are multiple cal... 0.00
Is async await inappropriate for achieving dynamic parallelism? 0.00
Handle exceptions with TPL Dataflow blocks +0.44
async/await runs synchronously? -1.23
Transform Block linking to multiple targets with predicate not work... 0.00
Exceptions not bubbling up to Error Handling Middleware? 0.00
Updating a REF param in an Async method callback -0.52
HttpClient SendAsync DeadLock -3.06
Alternative to yielding in an IAsyncEnumerable 0.00
Is there a way to have sync and async version of the same method wi... +0.53