An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1494.25 (4,181,112th)
2,036 (82,069th)
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Title Δ
crc four bytes converting C code to Java yielding unexpected result +0.56
Converting crc code from C to Java yields unexpected results 0.00
ATMEGA 2560 uart code not giving out correct output on minicom 0.00
SimpleParse not showing the result tree 0.00
CMake cross compilation fails during linking stage on host (target... 0.00
Communication with Openssl epoll server to multiple clients simulta... 0.00
epoll based non-blocking ssl_read() stuck in a loop -3.56
DBUS code crashes when placed inside daemon process, but runs fine... 0.00
How to count amount of columns in sqlite from command line tool -3.90
using libev with multiple threads +4.03
How to compile a basic D-Bus/glib example? 0.00
Linux kernel:Register a handler for a specific UDP port traffic? 0.00
Convert integer from (pure) binary to BCD +0.07
How to decode an unsigned integer into BCD use VHDL +0.32
void pointer as argument 0.00
What is the difference between a detached thread and a daemon thread? 0.00
Very strange disconnections with TCP sockets 0.00
How to use libevent and pthread together in C 0.00
gstreamer plugin library not linking against opencv shared object l... +0.04
gtkmm and gstreamermm test code throws run time error 0.00
stream video from panda board to IPhone 0.00
Define image ROI with opencv in C 0.00
Are there any native gtkmm classes to Queue commands/data from the... -3.95
Gstreamer rtsp playing (with sound) 0.00
GStreamer dynamically change the filesrc location of a pipeline- No... 0.00
Integrating SSL into a program which uses BSD sockets 0.00
How to find special values in large file using C++ or C -3.31
FFMpeg crashes on decoding MJpeg 0.00
How to extract images from Motion Jpeg Stream of IP Camera? +0.06
Setting up MJPEG compressor 0.00
receive Stream with gst-rtsp-server 0.00
Reading terminal response to bash commands into c++ variable 0.00
Streaming using GStreamer 0.00
How to play multiple video in Gstreamer using java 0.00
Webcam streaming using gstreamer over UDP 0.00
Create MJPEG stream using GStreamer 0.00
Optimal technique to parse a real-time char* data received from a b... +3.87
Parse text data between two jpeg frames of an mjpeg stream using gs... 0.00
Realtime changing the ip source into a gstreamer pipeline +0.53
How to handle/kill Zombie or <defunct> process for cgi script... +4.76
Looping a video with gstreamer and gst-launch? +3.73
Vim auto complete 0.00
gstreamer udp Streaming is slow 0.00
RTSP video in gtk-application 0.00
Using SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 as signals in pthread_kill() 0.00
Pthread create as detached 0.00
MJPEG streaming and decoding 0.00
Video Streaming application's requirements using GStreamer 0.00
Bug in my floating point code, or gcc? 0.00
faster min and max of different array components with CouchDb map/r... 0.00