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Bas Swinckels

1571.32 (3,797th)
14,101 (10,111th)
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Title Δ
avoid division by zero in numpy.where() 0.00
Moving mean square error between 2 arrays, 'valid', where t... 0.00
Is there a way to invert a spectrogram back to signal 0.00
Replacing empty or missing values with zeros in a large array +0.40
checking whether variable is not None and is a dict containing spec... -0.08
How to efficiency set matrix / array diagonals based on rest of col... -0.35
How to draw polar hist2d/hexbin in matplotlib? 0.00
How to create a y=n line while plotting? 0.00
Prevent printing to command line in MATLAB -0.45
Select line with Ctrl/C in PyCharm like Sublime Text does -2.57
Transforming lattice into graph? 0.00
Dynamically select which subclass to inherit methods from? +1.39
a pythonic way to write a constrain() function -0.75
How to add indexes to txt file output and then modify lines using i... +0.40
Namedtuple in Numpy -0.20
In Python merge two dictionaries so that their keys are added/subtr... -1.97
Performance difference of neighbor selection for Traveling Salesman... 0.00
Efficient lookup table for collection of numpy arrays 0.00
How to sort rows of a matrix based on frequency of the elements of... +0.19
Updated: Matplotlib: Display numpy "sparse" array - Enlar... 0.00
How can I know which element in a list triggered an any() function? -1.23
Optimizing python one-liner -2.03
How can I efficently pad an RGB numpy array with the median of the... -0.64
Pythonic and efficient way to do an elementwise "in" usin... -0.93
How to add to numpy array entries of different size in a for loop (... +1.82
Implement sub millisecond processing in python without busywait 0.00
QuickSort Python Algorithm +1.03
create a dict with unique keys and various list values from a tuple 0.00
Test if all values are in an iterable in a pythonic way +1.37
Python bottle: how to pass parameters into function handler -2.40
Draw evenly-spaced height lines of a function in MATLAB -0.34
Python multiprocessing vs time.sleep on main process hang child pro... +0.39
matlab: creating additional variables in a for loop -0.10
Unexpected output from list(generator) +0.84
Unexpected output from list(generator) -0.36
xrange as an iterator and chunking -0.79
Iterate over list of values dictionary -0.77
how to get a Matlab timestamp in integer seconds 0.00
Python (Matplotlib) - Tick marks on ternary plot 0.00
Why is multiprocessing copying my data if I don't touch it? -2.45
Using list of rows whether I have 1 row or N many +0.20
Does Matlab support function-objects? 0.00
How to fprintf column headers in MATLAB? 0.00
Pythonic way to select characters after specific character sequence... -1.21
Make axes go through origin in Matlab 3D mesh plot 0.00
python plot horizontal line for a range of values +0.36
Issues with PySerial: Port must be configured before it can be used 0.00
Plotted arc: anomaly in the plot +0.38
A dictionary with in dictionary that only gets created when the cur... -0.63
Reduce a string using grammar-like rules +0.71