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Green Cloak Guy

1567.05 (4,439th)
2,989 (56,592nd)
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Title Δ
How to create binary tree from level order traversal? 0.00
How to use values stored in variables as case patterns? +0.41
Is it necessary to call super() when creating a child class in pyth... 0.00
What is the difference between list1[0] and print(list1[0]) in pyth... 0.00
Fastest way to slice a list with upper bound not in the list -1.16
Time complexity of appending a list to a list -0.29
Reconstructing two (string concatenated) numbers that were original... +1.86
Add random values to multiple lists +0.41
Java: accessing object created elsewhere 0.00
Can anyone fix a logic problem in my password generator in python +0.41
Why was nested list nested a level deeper with just a comma at the... 0.00
What does “'str' object is not callable” mean? +0.40
printings characters of the string skipping one character 0.00
Figuring out the efficiency of this method +0.41
Why does python import module imports when importing * +0.40
How to convert [element, element, element] into [(1, element), (2,... 0.00
How to make multiple instances of my components not share @ViewChil... 0.00
How to remove the negative sign in a list? +0.77
Using identity comparison with a boolean literal error 0.00
Class variables will not overwritten by funktions 0.00
Difference between var=fun() and var=fun +1.85
Python Strip Isn't Removing Characters -0.28
Python - mechanism of () and [] 0.00
Problem with int(input) and except ValueError 0.00
How to pass user input (string) that is already saved as a variable... 0.00
How to call a inner/nested class with a function 0.00
Code to check the prefix character in string in python 0.00
converting the lines of the file into a tuple of list in python 3 0.00
How do I compare sets in one cycle? 0.00
Can I use a nested for loop for an if-else statement with multiple... +2.24
Python split list before and after specific value +1.62
Precise rules of variable binding in nested scopes 0.00
How can I transform my for loop code into the while loop in Python? +0.69
Finding minimum in the second column of the tuple in a nested list... 0.00
How to generate hash from Python object for versioning? 0.00
What is the time complexity of this recursive function that checks... 0.00
how to read and write a file with python when same function is call... 0.00
Use the stream to collect on the map by the fields of the object -0.08
Given two NumPy arrays, x and y of the same length, how can I selec... +0.14
How to split a string if my string contains ^ symbol in java. I wan... -1.50
I am confused about a programming problem i was solving on codeforc... 0.00
How to check every word in Python 0.00
Python nested function call another function in class 0.00
Looking for smallest number in this array (would like to understand... +1.22
how to make a field of the class to be of the same type as paramete... 0.00
How do I bring up all items that contain the same string of letters? -0.61
how to use for(int i = 10; i >= 5; ++i) { +1.50
inline list of shuffled lists in python -0.80
How do I make it so that the code below doesn't skip a line? +1.50
Jython or python 2.7 better string concatenation method to legacy s... -0.09