An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.97 (4,384,822nd)
350 (357,271st)
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Title Δ
Instantiate a hashmap by a specified object -1.03
Stackoverflow error in overriding static methods of static inner cl... -3.75
Access Denied when connecting to MySQL database in Java -1.68
Java Generic type : difference between List <? extends Number>... +5.07
Backbone Collection length vs size() -3.99
Java modification of the value of the object parameter -3.75
Reading white spaces from a text file into Char/String array -2.09
Infinte loop adding elements in a list does not give OOME , why +0.10
Java - how does reversing byte array with bitwise shift operator wo... -1.88
Data structure for searching strings -0.21
Write to db efficiently from a multithread application +4.16
Can Regex support not finding something? -0.56
Why doesn't Visual Studio make DateTime a Blue Key word? -1.49
Understanding MVC Architecture +0.16
Java percent of number +0.40
REST xml answer - Jaxb - Amazon product API -2.80
Hadoop. How to get absolute file path -1.95
how to use At4J or 7-Zip-JBinding to get an InputStream of a file? -3.96
ArrayStoreException when trying to fill a float array -3.39
Java setting private fields inside constructors -1.46
Dynamic return type - Java Generics +1.19
How to make threads in Java run concurrently -2.12
How to write an algorithm to check if the sum of any two numbers in... 0.00