An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Tao Gómez Gil

1489.72 (4,420,574th)
856 (176,095th)
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Title Δ
Insert element inside array +3.92
How i can get array from loop for? +0.02
When should I use IEnumerable and when IQueryable? -1.07
Custom Attribute not firing on break point 0.00
Are pipeline variables available in PowerShell task in Azure DevOps? -3.90
Enumerable.Any() and possible multiple enumerations +1.17
Using splice in reducer (redux) -1.86
Custom JSON Serialize with custom mapping C# +0.14
How can I store the respective key and value for a given set of att... -2.93
How to run tests in Dockerfile using xunit 0.00
pass lambda as a delegate to method +0.49
How to modify code in designer.cs 0.00
Does the priority of an or-statement matter? +4.07
Reading Insde of a Xdocument -4.12
Automapper conditionally map properties 0.00
Emmet expression expanded to single line 0.00
How to construct a list +1.21
invalid KeyPath in immutable js when everything looks fine? 0.00
How can I efficiently compare the properties of two large lists of... -1.98
Reading the xml element content and attribute at the same time with... -4.01
Using LINQ get all possible pair of connections from two lists -1.36
Using LINQ get all possible pair of connections from two lists -4.03
entity framework does not map more than one list in model C# -4.71
c# automapper lookup value from source model 0.00
How to pick one list out of many based on value in Linq? -4.51
How to Iterate over grouped items and compare them? -3.96
Mock session object with custom extension method +1.26
AutoMapping Entity to Model 0.00
how to send the datatable column through mail in c# 0.00
Is it possible to do this as a single efficient LINQ query? +4.16
Using tools from a project inside another one (c#) +3.91
Return empty array instead of null +3.98
C# - How to get variables from a different method? +4.26
Get index of next non-whitespace character in string +1.92
Pex ignores [PexAssumeNotNull] and PexAssume.AreElementsNotNull() 0.00
Use one attribute with state or two attributes without state -2.35