An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1424.51 (4,190,810th)
686 (208,096th)
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Title Δ
Rails: How to apply background-color to body -3.18
Using Paper Trail to find the user who updated the current version... 0.00
node.js accessing model from different file -3.29
Link on a row and link on an anchor inside a row -3.59
Installing latest RUBY with rvm gives error on Ubuntu +0.80
facebook,google & twitter authentication in nodejs -3.32
Error: listen EADDRINUSE when running a Node.js script +0.71
How to retrieve nested models in sails? 0.00
Insert to table or update if exists using MYSQL database +0.62
How to protect routes under /admin, when get /admin/whatever check... 0.00
Creating a new Rails 4 app when I have Rails 3 and rvm? -3.27
Error with migrating database in heroku 0.00
Rails parse datetime in model -1.37
Issue with saving and then retrieving hash table in Rails and memca... 0.00
Integer variable declaration in ruby -2.05
Can I use Active Record Validations to validate a specific key for... +0.46
Rails: change column name and not value in where clause -3.40
Querying across two tables in Ruby on Rails -3.49
Order by time_field +0.47
.joins with three models +0.39
Precompiling assets issue while deploying app to heroku -3.56
Error while install mysql gem +4.34
Convert Hash in Array to Hash in Hash +3.93
ruby on rails rvm use -1.47
Css class is not applying on button -1.57
Ruby on rails forms_for -3.55
sorting the order of my tables in admin - rails -3.77
Error with has many through -2.17
Activeadmin - Showing custom collection actions in index page -2.29
How to parse an abbreviated date in Ruby? -2.54
Rails, Jcrop, Rmagick, Bootstrap - No Method Error 0.00
jQuery on submit function not working on form (with HAML) +0.46
Change database column type to decimal +0.13
Rake db:schema:dump, how to create a schema.rb 0.00
Hide a Table Row inside a DIV with specific text -2.32
How to get value from a button? -1.15
How to join more than one table rails -1.27
How to read attribute only if it is present? -1.66
RoR: How to sort an array with the help of scopes -4.09
Compare time in updated_at and -3.89
Invalid email or password error when testing devise sign in with RS... -0.02
Rails 4: Simple Custom route redirecting to show action -1.72
What is the best way to delete model but save record in database? +1.92
How to use another field in rails validation -3.94
Field value of integer doesn't get submitted (Simple form) +0.25
Form validation on combination of input fields +0.13
rails routes "uninitialized constant CoursesController" +2.52
rails render is not working in create action +4.23
Syntax highlighting in a textarea? -3.75
Cannot load such file -- unicorn/version (LoadError) +0.24