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Rating Stats for

Andreas Jung

1408.33 (4,359,496th)
1 (3,324,631st)
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Title Δ
Getting the IP addresses of people who join my Python server 0.00
Python math.ceil rounds 5.5 to 1.0? -0.14
ZODB: To where transaction.savepoint writes data? -0.37
Trouble downloading website using urllib(2) and requests - Bad stat... 0.00
Python: How to get an array into an SQL Database -1.47
with statement needed if you read a whole file at once? +0.76
TypeError: 'str' does not support the buffer interface, Python 3 -0.37
invalid literal for int() with base 10: \xef\xbb\xbf10 0.00
How to shorten many if? +2.40
How can I replace a substring in a string? +0.63
How to get partial text from html in Python 0.00
Python if-or statement short hand -0.94
How to make this code more efficient in Python? -1.26
Issue with replace argument in python? 0.00
Python object creation failed +0.60
Index all *except* one item in python +1.18
Purpose of nested functions(function in function) in python +1.10
Fetching huge data from Oracle in Python +0.09
Python is there an ORM for SQL and NoSQL +0.63
pymongo installation gives permission error 0.00
Python strip() don't work for new lines 0.00
Python, editing csv, writting issues -0.37
How to parse broken HTML with LXML -0.71
psycopg2 not returning results -0.36
How to ignore quotes while splitting strings python -1.02
I'm receiving an error when formatting a date in Python, why? -0.14
python download xls javascript 0.00
if input equals string, do something... python 2.7 -0.37
Unwanted string formatting +0.13
with statement yields "Invalid syntax" error in Python 2.4 +0.13
python´╝Ücreate a list of 100 integers whose value and index are the... +2.85
Is it possible to catch multiple types of exceptions and then print... -0.93
Avoid double typing class names in python -0.84
Insert in a Database in python +0.63
Document scoring algorithm comparison 0.00
BeautifulSoup can't find tags 0.00
Strange error with AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribu... 0.00
Library to roughly approximate the width of a string of text? +0.63
Local variable being referenced before assignment; can't work out why -1.68
How to make a document for python class 0.00
How do I append to a file without adding '\n'? -1.20
Get All Tables from HTML with beautifulsoup using nested loops 0.00
python script to create fdf +0.62
append in a list in Python using result value or a function -0.66
publishing of python program +0.12
send/set cookie via urllib2 python -1.45
Generate a consolidated log from multiple remote processes +0.13
Passing variable changes between threads in Python functions [Begin... -0.36
Keep getting the same SyntaxError: invalid syntax when trying to lo... 0.00
Getting the length of a ogg track from s3 without downloading the w... -0.04