An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen

1707.83 (104th)
191,138 (93rd)
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Title Δ
How does git keep track of the commit hash marked with a fixup/squa... 0.00
File edited remotely on GitHub site lost after force-pushing from l... 0.00
Why can't I add a class to an interface -0.49
Force a parent class method to call overridden methods instead of c... +0.48
Extra condition in switch case (Fallthrough?) -0.77
use of ?? to get attributes of an object if the object isn't null +1.37
Compute string constant at compile time with ternary operator 0.00
Git create new branch in new folder 0.00
How do you extend Classes and Structs with Interfaces via extension... 0.00
fatal: NullReferenceException encountered when interacting with rem... +0.23
Does ?.Invoke(x) perform as well as null-check + direct call 0.00
Does an entire Object Graph get collected by the .net Garbage Colle... +0.71
Is there a downside to using async? +1.02
How does 'git stripspace' actually work (documentation usel... 0.00
pass by reference recursive function without initialising the refer... +0.90
Lambda operator in .net core project -0.26
Check if a dictionary contains any key object with a specific prope... +0.24
Does C# app exit automatically dispose managed resources? +1.43
Avoiding compiler warning 1998 0.00
Running a Window on its own Thread 0.00
Does `~/.gitconfig` syntax require spaces, tabs, or either for inde... 0.00
Null coalescing operator IList, Array, Enumerable.Empty in foreach +0.62
[A]Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client.OracleParameter cannot be cast t... 0.00
C#, counting points for rock paper scissors +0.99
How can I Improve the efficiency of my Json parsing code? +1.01
C# console how to hold output simplest version? +0.24
No commits available for merging in the Git request 0.00
Possible to use extensions methods on a generic Enum Type? (not enu... +1.06
ILSpy generated code 0.00
Use HostBuilder.ConfigureServices with DryIoc container? 0.00
Method that recognized if a IEnumerable is sorted +0.74
How to interpolate through 3 points/numbers with a defined number o... +0.59
error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `{' 0.00
how to convert Hindi numbers ( २०७४) to numeric value in c#? 0.00
function that can take different type of struct C# 0.00
Couldn't process file resx due to its being in the Internet or... +0.24
Unexpected behavior with Oracle ltrim +1.40
C# Assignment of Variables in groups +0.24
Implementing standard Dispose() pattern 0.00
Using await Task.Factory.StartNew on a method will return immediately +0.64
Prevent noise data in outputstream when calling exe using System.Di... 0.00
Sort array by order specified in another array -1.24
Git Push to old repo 0.00
Int, Char, Object Datatypes using [==] operator & .Equals() +0.55
Void MoveNext() in Null reference exception -2.34
How to deserialise specific keys of json object? +0.73
Need help understanding the output of a code +0.22
Any way to get the definition of a property from the code itself? 0.00
Custom JSON Deserializer for badly formatted JSON 0.00
Assign lambda expression as a function in C# -2.46