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Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen

1710.11 (105th)
303,605 (109th)
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Title Δ
Undo git pull, how to bring repos to old state (once again) -2.49
Newtonsoft.Json - Deserialize uppercase boolean values without quotes +0.23
What happens when branched branch gets merged +1.22
How to restore linear git history after nonlinear merge? -3.11
Deserialize dynamic json into generic .NET object +0.51
Two of the same directories on remote with different cases while on... +0.81
Ignore serialization for one type in a list +0.23
Why doesn't TimeSerial compute a correct value for negative sec... +1.22
How do I change this code to close the file once done? 0.00
Get all values between two specific values in a list +0.22
How to byte[] from an encrypted string? 0.00
Isn't C# finalizer mechanics fundamentally flawed even for the... 0.00
How to detect whether a type can be nullable at runtime? 0.00
How to change datetime.Now without special characters? -1.44
What is negative is (!is)? 0.00
Correct usage of return Task.FromException +0.20
Is there a different way to convert to hexadecimal? +0.23
the purpose of default constructor -0.47
I am trying to do linear search of array elements(string) inside a... 0.00
Alternative to IsNullOrEmpty for nullable types? -1.95
Code is broken but I cannot seem to find the mistake 0.00
Git amend - dont see changes of amend commited changes on sub branch +0.90
Find and replace substrings with mapped values -0.13
Global declaration and usage array of objects C# +1.39
Does every commit creates a new tree object in git? +0.01
How to execute a method in base class after child is fully initiali... +0.51
What is the default value of Non-Nullable reference types in C# 8? 0.00
File.Open throws IOException, but file is never open/shown 0.00
Can C# preprocessor directives be nested? 0.00
Compare two strings with the is-operator +0.82
How to accept List<string> in API controller's method fro... +0.80
Why is String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(vbNullChar) = False? 0.00
How do I reassign which file was renamed to which in git? 0.00
Two data-type variables reference eachother in C# 0.00
Lazily evaluated property syntax difference +0.85
Why if your local changes conflict with the upstream changes, you c... +1.70
How does git keep track of the commit hash marked with a fixup/squa... 0.00
File edited remotely on GitHub site lost after force-pushing from l... 0.00
Why can't I add a class to an interface -0.49
Force a parent class method to call overridden methods instead of c... +0.48
Extra condition in switch case (Fallthrough?) -0.77
use of ?? to get attributes of an object if the object isn't null +1.37
Compute string constant at compile time with ternary operator 0.00
Git create new branch in new folder 0.00
How do you extend Classes and Structs with Interfaces via extension... 0.00
fatal: NullReferenceException encountered when interacting with rem... +0.23
Does ?.Invoke(x) perform as well as null-check + direct call 0.00
Does an entire Object Graph get collected by the .net Garbage Colle... +0.71
Is there a downside to using async? +1.02
How does 'git stripspace' actually work (documentation usel... 0.00