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Lasse V. Karlsen

1713.01 (100th)
303,605 (113th)
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Title Δ
Uniquely Identify a file across different machines in a web applica... 0.00
How to set variables in a new PowerShell object 0.00
how to solve the error in this program in C#? 0.00
Calculator vs SQL Server giving different results 0.00
How to return ListAsync as an object 0.00
How do I find the respective tree hash and blob hash of a commit? 0.00
Hide master branch in GitHub Desktop 0.00
Anonymous Type Member Equality 0.00
Facing issue in uae currency code price to double in c# 0.00
C# - Efficient initialization of static array where every element i... 0.00
What Happens To Child Branches If You Merge The Parent Branch Into... 0.00
Conflicts when merging multiple pull request 0.00
Is there a way to find the branching commit from the merge commit 0.00
Split string at particular characters (C#) 0.00
When writing a git difftool, is there a way for the tool to know wh... 0.00
Find next 5 working days starting from today 0.00
How to modify index being accessed in an array 0.00
Async sleep in loop 0.00
Non-nullable readonly references and empty private default construc... 0.00
How can I rollback on github, even just locally? 0.00
Why does `git diff-tree <tree-ish>` not print a result when a... 0.00
Action calling a static method with an argument, without capturing... +0.79
Why is this call ambiguous for compiler? 0.00
How would I detect the last two occurrence of characters/data sets... +0.22
C# .NET running code from an external file 0.00
Override ToString() is not working in abstract class (.net-core 3.1) +0.94
Timer to restart function when completed -0.77
Game of Life Parallel.For loop doesnt work as it is supposed to +0.62
Nullable DateTime used in property with expression returns unexpect... +1.16
Why is it still possible to assign null to non nullable reference t... -0.27
How is it possible restore .git, without changing any files in the... 0.00
HTTP GET returning binary in instead of text +0.20
How to update my branch when I already made some changes +0.24
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime because the day of we... 0.00
Serialize Dictionary<string, string> with key having object s... 0.00
Integer hash function colliding after few iterations 0.00
How to delete a running application in C#? 0.00
Determine if a class member's type was defined as a generic par... 0.00
creating a branch from Git commit ID within Github web UI 0.00
Parsing c# TimeSpan without days and hours 0.00
Deleting ghost files that don't exist in the file system but ar... +0.20
How to separate and move nonnegative and positive values between ar... +0.20
git: collectively merge branches piecewise -0.89
Parse a Json File - JsonConvert +0.23
Generic tree of generic node C# -0.95
Meaning of "Object allocation: LINQ method call" +0.92
Cancelling a Task, using multiple CancellationSourceTokens 0.00
C#8.0 switch statements and local variables +0.53
Is there a convenient way to filter a sequence of C# 8.0 nullable r... +0.22
ASP CORE: which encoding is used by asp-for for byte array (is it n... +1.32