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Lasse V. Karlsen

1709.64 (109th)
303,605 (110th)
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Title Δ
How to separate and move nonnegative and positive values between ar... 0.00
git: collectively merge branches piecewise 0.00
Parse a Json File - JsonConvert 0.00
Generic tree of generic node C# 0.00
Meaning of "Object allocation: LINQ method call" 0.00
Cancelling a Task, using multiple CancellationSourceTokens 0.00
C#8.0 switch statements and local variables 0.00
Is there a convenient way to filter a sequence of C# 8.0 nullable r... +0.22
ASP CORE: which encoding is used by asp-for for byte array (is it n... +1.32
How to create a static variable shared amongst instances of closed... +0.23
Git merge master does not pull in file from that branch 0.00
'IEnumerator': type used in a using statement must be impli... 0.00
Could I use the first letter as $ in a variable in c#? 0.00
git - how to deal with files which will contain sensitive data in t... +0.64
How can I switch a public repo to private and vice versa on GitHub? -2.89
Undo git pull, how to bring repos to old state (once again) -2.49
Newtonsoft.Json - Deserialize uppercase boolean values without quotes +0.23
What happens when branched branch gets merged +1.22
How to restore linear git history after nonlinear merge? -3.11
Deserialize dynamic json into generic .NET object +0.51
Two of the same directories on remote with different cases while on... +0.81
Ignore serialization for one type in a list +0.23
Why doesn't TimeSerial compute a correct value for negative sec... +1.22
How do I change this code to close the file once done? 0.00
Get all values between two specific values in a list +0.22
How to byte[] from an encrypted string? 0.00
Isn't C# finalizer mechanics fundamentally flawed even for the... 0.00
How to detect whether a type can be nullable at runtime? 0.00
How to change datetime.Now without special characters? -1.44
What is (! is)? 0.00
Correct usage of return Task.FromException +0.20
Is there a different way to convert to hexadecimal? +0.23
the purpose of default constructor -0.47
I am trying to do linear search of array elements(string) inside a... 0.00
Alternative to IsNullOrEmpty for nullable types? -1.95
Code is broken but I cannot seem to find the mistake 0.00
Git amend - dont see changes of amend commited changes on sub branch +0.90
Find and replace substrings with mapped values -0.13
Global declaration and usage array of objects C# +1.39
Does every commit creates a new tree object in git? +0.01
How to execute a method in base class after child is fully initiali... +0.51
What is the default value of Non-Nullable reference types in C# 8? 0.00
File.Open throws IOException, but file is never open/shown 0.00
Can C# preprocessor directives be nested? 0.00
Compare two strings with the is-operator +0.82
How to accept List<string> in API controller's method fro... +0.80
Why is String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(vbNullChar) = False? 0.00
How do I reassign which file was renamed to which in git? 0.00
Two data-type variables reference eachother in C# 0.00
Lazily evaluated property syntax difference +0.85