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Georg Mavridis

1489.49 (4,423,869th)
642 (223,176th)
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Title Δ
Generate pseudo-random list in Perl 0.00
Unable to run Perl script from cron 0.00
Dereference perl array of objects after pass to function 0.00
How to make a script for two txt files with different names in perl -0.27
How can we use a variable for the "use" command in Perl? -0.59
How to (if possible) set a breakpoint to a specific closure? +0.48
How to grab an unknown pattern from a list in perl? 0.00
Bareword found where operator expected at Error in Perl script 0.00
how to create a json file from db data cgi 0.00
How can I store one element of a two dimensional in another hash? 0.00
Why do I get the first capture group only? -3.32
Getting the process id of a process using the process name in perl +4.13
Can't call method "execute" on an undefined value at... 0.00
Replace MULTIPLE first keys of multi-dimensional Hash in perl +4.08
Perl print match and no match strings from file1 match in file2 mat... 0.00
Change first key of multi-dimensional Hash in perl 0.00
Difference between Perl backticks and pipe 0.00
Difference between accessing array with $arr[x] and @arr[x] 0.00
I'm not able to use operator >=~ whereas <=~ works -3.02
Placing a javascript code into a perl script 0.00
Accessing Moose object in package to be called explicitly outside -2.08
ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 error in... +4.62
Reference main variable in a package 0.00
Parsing Symphony Chat with Perl -1.56
Continue instead of 'or die' in Perl +0.17
How to check if any of the value returned is 1 in Perl +0.98
How can I ensure my method calls use the right method name on the r... -2.77
How do I remove the special characters within multiple lines in Reg... -2.54
Use HTML::TreeBuilder in Perl to extract all instances of a specifi... +5.03
Perl stash output -1.69
Perl hash while loop cannot find the key value +2.82
Replace a string in file with new string containing $ sign in Perl -0.24
how to add/delete the function for two process at the same time in... 0.00
CKEDitor 4 sefocus on clicking label 0.00
Perl crashes when script exits after closing database connection +0.17
perl, having weird behavior with s/// -2.42
Print numbers, upper-lower case letters separately in perl -1.50
Check for the existence of empty parameters in +5.64
Set breakpoint from .perldb init file 0.00
perl optionally load module only if available 0.00
Make a list in a file in perl -0.92
Regex Extract Characters inside WUB -0.49
Is there any performance benefits that come with using subroutine i... -2.27
Can I reference a named subroutine with some arguments +5.36
optimizing regex substitution runtime 0.00
hash with array of hashes in perl -1.80
Efficient caching solution for strings extracted from large number... -1.63
Run perl script for files in multiple directories +4.17
perl -- add double quote and right angle bracket at end of join +0.55
How do I get local mtime from fstat in perl? 0.00