An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Josh Crozier

1745.57 (48th)
166,603 (313th)
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Title Δ
The min/max-width media query doesn't make grammatical sense +4.32
Image Grid Fluid Layout (Responsive) +3.56
Allow scrolling and clicking to go through an overlapping Div -0.08
CSS box-shadow overlapping navbar -1.70
Cross-Screen support for navbar 0.00
Identical HTML pages showing wrong? 0.00
Responsive design background image +3.89
Full screen 16:9 liquid youtube embed 0.00
Can :hover apply to generic element tags specific to a parent div? -2.66
Prevent text selection from exiting a div +3.86
How to make this code work in ie browser- version 10? 0.00
Embedding Youtube comments inside a web page 0.00
Black transparent overlay on image hover with only CSS? +4.25
Put a footer on a jqueryui autocomplete list -1.13
Target certain words with CSS? +0.85
CSS Hack for Mobiles +4.00
CSS Center text (Horizontal and Vertical) inside a DIV block 0.00
css hover over li, blur all others 0.00
Center element with position:fixed 0.00
Styling an input type="file" button 0.00