An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1473.03 (4,388,435th)
3,864 (43,271st)
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Title Δ
Make label widget stick to top, and have vertical layout same heigh... +0.34
Compare two files and create a new one with the differences +0.41
how to read in json file in lines -0.56
Increment the file name if the file already exists in c# 0.00
How to return more than one value from a method? +1.08
C - Bitwise manipulation +2.37
How define a string array list? -0.79
How do I print out unix time, using a Qt format string? 0.00
I am passing float value to function square but the value getting p... -0.03
Barcodescanner phonegap, cordova.plugins is undefined 0.00
Save a file name as "date - backup" +0.05
Transposing a matrix in python 0.00
Calculating Days Between Two Dates Failing A Single Case (python, U... +0.79
How can I obtain day name from QDatetime in a different language? -1.34
Switch input for sorting algorithm +0.53
Get double as a result of division of integer values 0.00
No matching function for call with 6 arguments when it only needs 2 +0.25
Testing for int in a string vector -0.51
Do not understand why C++ program produces no output +2.24
Variable returned from function reset to zero +1.11
C++: Issues with Circular Buffer 0.00
Is there a way to pass strings like this in C? +0.56
C++ while loop not starting +0.55
Counting characters in char array? -0.50
How to create 2 csv files when using recursion +0.29
New line while writing to file in C? +0.54
Playsound in C++: File error with .wav file 0.00
How to make it so a list is chosen and then an image will be drawn... 0.00
How to select row of QTableWidget with double click? 0.00
Matplotlib: how to update the figure title after user has zoomed? 0.00
How to stop graying out of main window menu after activation of chi... 0.00
Finding Multiple Sequences in a File by Position after SpecifIcally... 0.00
How to get the number of digit in double value in C++? -0.45
Finding Armstrong Number using C++ +0.55
What is it qd in scapy? 0.00
QToolTip::showText disappears after mouse release 0.00
"Int" multiplication in c++ with "long long" re... +0.05
My Python for loop executes 5005 times but it is meant to execute 1... 0.00
Python: Append correct string to END of list -1.02
Calculating autocorrelation function with Python 0.00
Getting value from list using keys -0.19
Scrapy put two spiders in single file 0.00
Print elements after place in array in c +0.89
Qt 5.5 draw filled pie 0.00
Value getting changed after end of function 0.00
PHP: Generate random Code excluding (0, 1, O and L) +0.05
Parsing Asterix in Qt, why do I need type conversion? 0.00
Receiving return None value +2.21
Error Encountered while Dynamic Memory allocation in C +0.55
Fibonacci sequence while loop +0.03