An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1701.85 (137th)
39,859 (2,802nd)
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Title Δ
How to split the string (by matching a set of regular expression) i... -1.16
java JTable replaced (?) but not being refreshed despite revalidate... 0.00
Class not found exception on Android when starting application +0.24
JTable error getting value 0.00
Is length function of array working in statement of for loop? 0.00
About JComboBox and JRadioButton 0.00
Android Iterate Over List -MapView 0.00
sans-serif-light with "fake bold" 0.00
Layout overflow components 0.00
Check if file is in (sub)directory +0.56
sorting a 2D double array -0.63
How to reverse a String array based on it's index value +1.41
Java's Scanner. How to match whitespace? -0.41
Android method parametre as array +1.16
Save file using timestamp 0.00
why StringTokenizer does not work properly for $$ as delimeter +0.24
How to dynamically add JLabels to JPanel? +0.79
Getting the x and y point of a transformed object +1.17
too much empty space inside jpanel with gridlayout 0.00
How do I get all fields and properties of an object that are annota... 0.00
Utilising both a mouse listener and key listener in Java 0.00
Java look up closest previous Date in HashMap +0.90
NullPointerException for JButton -0.63
Using MouseListener with JTree 0.00
Why can't I check whether my class implements my own interface at W... -0.22
String length in pixels in Java -1.27
I need to draw a Triangle in Java from Incenter and sides, ideas? +1.06
Calling Scanner.close() throws nosuchelement exception 0.00
Comparing java variables and printing +0.68
JScrollPane scroll issue 0.00
Accuracy of System.currentTimeMillis(), new Date().getTime(), and C... +1.16
A Java Threading wait() and Notify() seems to work peculiarly +1.35
get a specific number in a string +0.59
convert Long[] to long[] (primitive) java +0.53
Java: alternative to LinkedList or int pointer data structure +0.76
How to ignore the case sensitive when we look for a key in the Map? +0.24
Constructing Image From 2D Array in Java 0.00
Matching multiple keywords from a line in java +0.60
How to set insets inside JScrollPane object? 0.00
java generic method invocation conversion error +1.04
Detect click on JTable: sometimes not recognized 0.00
Collection of abstract generic class, raw type warning +0.76
Sorting a List of Objects Based on 1 of its Fields +0.55
How to find an overloaded method in Java? +1.19
Sorting the Map<Key,Value> in descending order based on the v... +0.72
Java. Resize issue on a JPanel 0.00
Java NIO: Read data from Channel which does not contain any data. H... +0.83
convert a String[] to Arraylist<String> with java +0.76
Open "byte array document" from a Java applet 0.00
Entering a integer value using DataInputStream +0.25