An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1584.99 (2,577th)
27,331 (4,612th)
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Title Δ
Javascript Valid Date Checking does not work in IE8 (and Firefox) +3.04
Replicate d3.js Dynamic tree in Raphael 0.00
Handlebars.js in Django templates -4.91
Is there anything more reliable than $(document).ready()? +3.18
A puzzle about this/@ in Javascript/Coffeescript -4.14
Fullcalendar and timezones. Help! I'm doing it wrong! 0.00
How to express "or" in a dictionary queryset in django +3.07
regex for parsing xml string with multiple text block -4.52
jQuery tablesorter - rowspan in headers causes odd behavior +2.98
Find the 5th element with a specified class in a list and add anoth... +1.02
How can I "position: fixed" a div properly? -5.18
Sorting Divs in jQuery by Custom Sort Order -4.84
Getting elements that exceed the maxium value. JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY -3.47
Placing a small arrow over a letter with css +3.38
How to have member variables and public methods in a jQuery plugin? +1.05
addEventListener in Canvas tag 0.00
Modifying document.location.hash without page scrolling +3.11
contenteditable and non button elements 0.00
Strange input focus order when pressing tab key on a form where cha... -0.59
Any jQuery Plugin Update Manager Utility? -1.02
use preg_replace to replace character unless an escape character pr... -4.42
Detecting an "invalid date" Date instance in JavaScript +3.38
Why can't javascript find and replace strings containing spaces in... -0.97
Given an x,y coordinate, I need to find all html elements underneat... 0.00
repeating id's of element children +1.20
Reading bytes from a JavaScript string +3.16
JS Test for :target support 0.00
What cross-browser charting packages are available? +0.57
How to find out which javascript library owns $ +2.88
How to get height of entire document with JavaScript? +3.04
MSIE : jQuery's append()/html() not working, resorted to getElement... 0.00
Optimal Regular Expression: match sets of lines starting with +0.39
What sort of memory leaks should I watch for with jQuery's data()? +2.98
Finding Parse Errors in Javascript +0.76
port python code to javascript +3.04
sorting array element using javascript +1.16
Links on top of elements with onclick-handlers -0.70
How to capture enter key being pressed on pages containing multiple... +2.86
How to get elements which have no children, but may have text? +5.43
How do I remove characters from a textbox when the number of charac... -4.26
JavaScript Tips and Tricks; JavaScript Best Practices +1.79
Amazon-like interface for selecting product size and color (i.e., c... +3.86
Can we make IE7 treat a FILE TYPE=INPUT element as a single control? -0.30
Can we make IE7 treat a FILE TYPE=INPUT element as a single control? +3.70
What is the fastest way to get a dom element? +3.36
jQuery events chain - from stack to queue 0.00
Image onload for static images +3.28
Extending Number.prototype in javascript and the Math object? -0.40
Risk of using contentEditable in IE +3.24
Is this a suitable case in which using dynamic function creation wo... -0.52