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Swift - Friday Pie

1430.28 (4,535,381st)
3,875 (43,303rd)
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Title Δ
I cannot delete an item in a QList <QByteArray*> 0.00
Why does ~n give -(n+1)? -0.38
LinkedList of Buttons in SFML getting Error: An internal OpenGL cal... 0.00
How to "delete" original linked list when splitting the l... 0.00
No default constructor exists for class "class" 0.00
Is it safe to use #ifdef guards on C++ class member functions? +2.36
Understanding an odd looking C++ for loop? -0.23
Arduino/C++ An array of pointers with reference +1.52
Creating a DLL for a group of .cpp, .h files 0.00
mongodb currentop output "secs_running", "microsecs_... 0.00
How to resolve a name conflict between function and macro name from... 0.00
How to independently check more than one variable? -0.37
Why is the order of destruction same as order of construction, with... +1.16
std::enable_if to conditionally disable a template constructor -1.05
Can I load header(.h) file to get struct at runtime? (C++) +0.22
Policy class design but without making the whole user class a templ... -1.21
C++ performance degradation (or code must be improved ?) 0.00
Wish to terminate main.exe after execute DLL (C++) +0.66
using loop for only if statement and then print else statement +0.54
c++ making struct with unknown size array (with memory location int... 0.00
How to iterate over all elements of an enum in C++98 -1.21
Finding determinate and Multiplication two matrixes with different... 0.00
A better solution for comparing string patterns.? -0.07
How to make void not return when answer == true 0.00
how to achieve std:map in C++ v60? 0.00
Scalar deleting error when deleting std::shared_ptr -0.48
array from friend class in assignment operation is being manipulated 0.00
I don't understand how inih works -0.87
What does C::* mean in typename argument +2.85
Confusion about destructor's calling -1.15
thread arguments must be invocable after conversion to rvalues +0.60
In C++, what is the difference between new and new[] for array allo... -1.12
Is it safe to "dissolve" c++ arrays on the heap? -0.41
what is wrong with this array usage in c++? -0.31
Iterate through a struct with a pointer -0.40
I can not use free() on char pointer returned from a function 0.00
The best way in C++ to cast different signedness types each other? +2.09
Hooking a function 0.00
ZSH doesn't identify "*" as "all files" 0.00
C++ Error: Cannot initialize an array element of type 'char'... -0.39
Errors while creating a dynamic array in a vector class for project -1.16
Copy constructor is being called first instead of only move constru... 0.00
Static polymorphism with constant template -0.46
Cannot call initializer_list constructor 0.00
Shell script to check whether the entered file name is a hidden fil... -0.37
No output for OpenGL 0.00
"Bold" style is not available for "Sans Serif"... 0.00
no crash if I reset the same shared_ptr in multi-threads -1.40
weird bug where if-else statment doesnt work properly 0.00
Get number of arguments in a class member function 0.00