An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1453.10 (4,404,822nd)
4,111 (40,598th)
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Title Δ
Where does ARM Development Studio IDE (Eclipse) saves the last work... 0.00
How to define and set a variable in ARM DS-5 Debug/Command view on... 0.00
Why doesn't Eclipse CDT Indexer index the right configuration? 0.00
How to find ("super-star") the word under the cursor with... +0.43
Cannot open include file: 'stdio.h' - Visual Studio Communi... -3.53
What is the difference between two image pixels in term of light? 0.00
How to define recursive variadic macros? 0.00
Pointer pointing to itself C +1.54
How to exclude files from Eclipse indexing (Static Code Analysis)? +4.69
How to find where a macro is defined in a project? 0.00
Why padding in structures is required? 0.00
Produce points out of csv dataset in matlab +4.37
Unkown type name "Enemy" error after including all header... -3.03
all calls of printf write the argument string to one character array +0.84
Assigning character to char[x] results in segmentation fault -3.42
do Members of the class can only be accessed indirectly via set and... -3.11
Distributing a task in almost equal parts between processes 0.00
do I HAVE to use the new keyword? +1.06
How to determine if a function was called followed by a semicolon (... -2.31
query for Math.random to generate only a certain amount of each num... 0.00
How to prevent a Java graphical program from stealing focus when up... -2.45
c++ error cannot be used as a function, some stray error -1.79
Is there a clever way to "double up" bits in an integer? -2.23
Understanding restrict qualifier by examples 0.00
vba: Importing text file into excel sheet 0.00
How to convert RGB code to 8 simple intervals (possible ?) +1.25
How to view and modify static and global variables in Eclipse CDT 0.00
C using malloc and duplicating array +2.27
How to tell GCC that a pointer argument is always double-word-align... +4.30
How to make gVim on Ubuntu behave like gVim on Windows? 0.00
Fastest way to copy memory with stride in C? +1.39
Fastest way to copy memory with stride in C? -3.57
VB.NET equivalent to excel's quotient function +1.01
Extract file name from full path in C using MSVS2005 -2.73
How to check the icon meaning in the eclipse (project explorer)? 0.00
Activating alternate Diff mode via a function call in Vim/gVim 0.00
How to calculate the height and width of an isometric rectangle/squ... +2.56
formula to calculate axis values -1.51
Chart optimization: More than million points +4.91
AffineTransform and flipping the y-axis -1.78
Would this union work if char had stricter alignment requirements t... -3.40
Math formula for first person 3d game +4.32
How can I get a count of the total number of digits in a number? +2.16
Is "Calculator bug" a code issue? +0.02
How would I create a rotation matrix that rotates X by a, Y by b, a... -3.39
How to implement a 'calibratable' orientation listener in android? 0.00
What should be the correct way to assign a value to a non-emtpy voi... -3.27
Compute relative orientation given azimuth, pitch, and roll in andr... +4.73
How to print an entered string backwards in C using only a for loop -3.42
compilation error in function returning a struct in C -2.07