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1673.01 (295th)
17,516 (8,002nd)
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Title Δ
How can a function returning bool and having two int arguments be c... -0.04
Problem compiling C progtam from command line gcc with math.h 0.00
How can you make sure a C++ function can be called as 0.00
C++ move semantics behaving differently based on the function retur... -0.38
C++ | Compiling LOG4CXX AND APR +0.28
Chaining assignment in an if condition -1.99
c++ templates and inheritance, can templates be more selective -0.57
C++20: generate type from given variadic types 0.00
Can I overload function templates based on properties? -1.56
Stringizing with __FUNCTION__ not working 0.00
Example of = (assignment) being right-associative 0.00
What is the motivation for ptrdiff_t? +1.27
Include multiple .env files in one Makefile 0.00
non default constructible parameters within lambdas in fold express... 0.00
Constexpr if-then-else in C++11 +0.71
How memory is deallocated in shared_ptr via the operator=? +1.21
Do Not interpret as Make variable in Make command -2.51
Are the answers of this C++ quiz correct? -1.71
For purposes of ordering, is atomic read-modify-write one operation... 0.00
How does std:set check if there is an equivalent element in set dur... 0.00
Generically obtaining a struct's own type at its top level 0.00
Is arr[i] = i; legal? 0.00
Char pointer to read argv? Memory leak? +0.50
constexpr using standard library algorithms 0.00
Is the Rule of 5 (for constructors and destructors) outdated? +1.39
How to create compile-time constant string with prepended length by... +1.15
How to install and configure 'cmake' in MSYS2? 0.00
String literal to char array literal 0.00
Why doesn't my forward_ function work for rvalues? +0.72
What's the point in passing I/O as parameters? +1.59
Non-type template parameters and requires +1.74
How to build project with sdl2 library with make? 0.00
How do I specify a parameter type by some quality of the parameter... -1.06
I have a question about memory management and the memory window fro... 0.00
What is top-level in C++? +0.96
Noticed Something In winuser.h 0.00
Why I can not use designated initalizers with structs that are not... +1.46
Is it OK for a class constructor to block forever? +0.03
Forwarding reference which binds to only one type? +0.08
Partial template instanciation 0.00
C++ Constructor calling +1.15
Why does the address of the assigned object not change in C++? +1.22
non-trivial rvalue and lvalue example 0.00
C++ constexpr function always evaluated at compile time? -0.32
Why is std::pair from anonymous object copying that object instead... 0.00
I find myself lost in this error message on hackerRank's functi... -1.44
Overloading virtual method in derived class with different signature 0.00
Best way to create a setter function in C++ -1.86
Macro Verbosity definition 0.00
Static inheritance with variadic templates +0.95