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1738.36 (52nd)
110,671 (623rd)
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Title Δ
Dynamically allocate and modify memory from function in C++ +0.58
How to get std::hash_set<pair<T1, T2>> to compile and run +1.27
How to return arbitrary type in C++11 using auto keyword? +2.91
Boost graph library causing errors when applying dijkstra's algorithm 0.00
Initialize a vector inside a struct vector 0.00
use template to print all the data of any container -0.34
How to change LinkedList head pointer globally and not locally -2.71
Code running stuck at scanner.hasNextLine() +3.66
How to initialize class members without using the copy constructor +4.33
Value always return 0 while calculating +3.95
Wording : Is there a difference b/w rvalue and rvalue references? 0.00
Create a template function that adds the elements of and array if d... 0.00
i keep getting undefined for the objects created and expected an id... 0.00
static variable initalization syncronizes in C++11? 0.00
Behavior of -- operator +3.66
Read first 1000 characters of file into a buffer, turn newlines int... 0.00
Why is this easy comparison false? -0.55
My virtual destructor will not be called in a abstract class -0.39
String array homework +4.32
std::uniform_int_distribution isn't random enough +1.58
Stringstream not reading as wanted +1.09
How to cast from const char* to a struct? 0.00
Boost.preprocessor : BOOST_PP_EQUAL not working 0.00
How does g++ not report error with the given code? -2.50
Removing spaces from a char array/cstring? +3.76
at runtime how to determine actual type of non-polymorphic type -0.65
c++: expected class-name before '{' token +1.81
C++ references to main parameters -3.76
C++ operator << overload 0.00
Error 2 error 20: identifier " " is undefined +0.38
While loop - Beginner -1.56
… undefined reference to … collect2: ld returned 1 exit status 0.00
error: no matching function for call to / candidates are +4.08
Overloading << operator +0.21
Object[] cannot be cast to resultado[] 0.00
c++ error c2679: binary '[' : no operator found which takes a right... -4.24
How to enter two strings together with gets(); 0.00
Error (CS0120): An object reference is required for the method -1.69
How many threads Parallel.For(Foreach) will create? Default MaxDegr... 0.00
Trying to use CreateProcess() ; no compiler errors but main keeps c... 0.00
Returning an integer array +3.78
Infix to Postfix Converter with parenthesis 0.00
Warning when converting to `int' from `double' -1.26
System.out.println(NOT_AN_EMPTY_STRING); printing out an empty stri... 0.00
c++ inheritance abstract function? -0.12
Is this a valid object disposal code pattern in method with return? +3.98
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBound... +3.95
My search function in C++ is pulling up all the answers and not a s... +4.69
C++ CRTP virtual function point of instantiation 0.00
Does "external declaration or definition" not mean what I... 0.00