An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1805.88 (8th)
405,696 (92nd)
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Title Δ
Best practice for near reuse of model components? 0.00
sending message to my cell using Java application 0.00
Constantly check for change in Java? +4.10
What is the best platform/language for a 3D game in a web browser? +2.74
I am confused -- Will this code always work? -3.75
Querying results on timestamp in mysql -0.44
Top alignment for FlowLayout +0.28
Set the amount of rows JList show (Java) +3.84
making a part of image transparent 0.00
Need help with fonts in latex: output too dim -0.41
Need MYSQL query for finding lowest score per game player +0.03
how can I create an application for mobile phone with .JAR extension? 0.00
What is a best practice of writing hash function in java? -2.55
The Java interface doesn't declare any exception. How to manage che... -2.85
How can i underline a text in JDK5, NOT JDK6 +3.83
How to make last row of each table's part unfinished in latex longt... 0.00
Questions related to writing your own file downloader using multipl... -2.78
Displaying large file in JTextArea 0.00
How to display panel which is of Singleton class in two different f... 0.00
JButton keyboard shortcuts +0.28
How can I create a self-consistent .jar file with Eclipse? -3.98
Detect if Java Swing component has been hidden +4.00
Detect if Java Swing component has been hidden -4.00
Scala's tuple unwrapping nuance -2.04
How to download attachment file from JSP -2.28
Send data from Service to Widget on Android 0.00
how to compress a PNG image using Java -4.27
Unable to run JAR file (created in Eclipse) +3.98
Which application server should i choose for my project? -2.36
Can Java ServerSocket and Sockets using ObjectIOStreams lose packets? 0.00
Latex: center text within listing 0.00
Java Container constraints question -2.91
java get file paths -3.06
Keyboard input for a game in Java +4.14
Java Inner Classes +3.87
How to Stich multiple java.awt.Image objects 0.00
Java: Easy way to get method stub out of class files within a JAR f... -3.21
Does the Dalvik file format (*.dx) support more instructions than a... 0.00
<:< operator in scala +1.25
Import/Exporting databases from one machine to another +3.86
Why is String final in Java? 0.00
Converting values to unit prefixes in JSP page 0.00
Sorting a collection of objects 0.00
Initialising a multidimensional array in Java 0.00
Including full LaTeX documents within others 0.00