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1713.01 (99th)
296,579 (120th)
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Title Δ
Why does my java time comparison fail? +0.20
How can I switch the database context of an existing DataSource? -2.89
String class source behavior inconsistent between types -0.82
Java: Currency symbol based on ISO 4217 currency cod +0.22
Regex problem, matches the whole string instead of a part +0.79
Regular expression to remove suffixes enclosed in square brackets f... +0.21
How to appendReplacement on a Matcher group instead of the whole pa... 0.00
How can I retrieve the longest matches for substrings enclosed by &... +0.21
Array even & odd sorting -0.12
Java regex matching +1.11
Configuring string externalization in Eclipse to use ${key} as fiel... 0.00
How do I implement this regular expression in Javascript? +0.22
Replace all characters not in range (Java String) -2.30
java generics super keyword +1.22
Regexercise: factorials +2.00
Regexercise: factorials -2.00
Why will this recursive regex only match when a character repeats 2... +0.23
Why does Java regex engine throw StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on... 0.00
Replace comma in parentheses using regex in java +0.88
Parsing a string of, whitespace separated, ordered but optional ele... -0.45
How does this regex replacement reverse a string? 0.00
Split string of varying length using regex +0.22
How does this Java regex detect palindromes? 0.00
multiple nested wildcard - arguments not applicable +0.46
How can we match a^n b^n with Java regex? +1.01
How does this regex find triangular numbers? 0.00
Why use a prime number in hashCode? +0.09
how do I capture something after something else? like a referer=som... -0.10
String splitting -0.18
How can you assign a variable a value inside a if statement in Java +0.74
Retrofitting void methods to return its argument to facilitate flue... +0.85
How rotate non consecutive elements in a list +0.22
Java pretty print for duration -1.13
Regular Expression for detecting repeated substrings is SLOW 0.00
Regular Expressions: Match up to an optional word +0.93
Regex for removing part of a line if it is preceded by some word in... +0.59
Can anyone tell me that what is the use of a static block in a class? +0.61
converting a calendar object into a string in java with format &quo... +1.40
Initializing ArrayList with a new operator in Java? -0.15
What kind of tree is used in Java's TreeSet and TreeMap? +0.30
Eclipse debug : Step Into/Step Over -0.60
Having trouble opening a file in Java -0.05
Get the next string, according to its natural ordering -1.36
Can't cast to to unspecific nested type with generics +0.22
Javascript negative number +0.65
Java: Having trouble declaring an enum with integer constants +0.74
Why does java.util.Arrays.sort(Object[]) use 2 kinds of sorting alg... +0.44
Eclipse ternary operator shortcut? +1.58
What's the most efficient way to strip out the time from a Java Dat... -0.49
Does Java have a "IN" operator or function like SQL? +0.73