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Nikos Paraskevopoulos

1558.39 (5,908th)
34,258 (3,411th)
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Title Δ
Multiplex Akka sources/flows based on condition +1.52
How to combine Source.repeat and Source.completionStage using Akka -2.18
How do you achieve Integration tests in Quarkus without @DirtiesCon... 0.00
Why is the container sharing my EJB stateful session bean across va... 0.00
Quarkus ignore dependencies for test 0.00
Sending Data from JS to servlet without using <form> 0.00
Running a task in background on jsf form submit +3.21
Spring Data JPA: Sort only by date part of java.time.LocalDateTime... 0.00
Call oracle method add_months using CriteriaQuery 0.00
Get application name from EJB on Weblogic 11g 0.00
Quarkus - how to provide java params to running app from maven runn... 0.00
Injecting @Dependent CDI bean into EJB causes memory leak 0.00
RequestScoped with bean re-use +2.01
How does javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped works when is speci... -0.55
How to inject bean inside for loop with parameters -0.06
JavaEE Globally Catch Runtime exception 0.00
Jax rs - PATCH method behaviour with null values -0.08
Is there any function in Quarkus to send message to Kafka 0.00
How to launch multiple web rest services with only one client 0.00
Set select element width equal to it's option's content wid... 0.00
Java EE CDI Deployment Exception - WELD-001408: Unsatisfied depende... 0.00
How to add and read a List from Wildfly (v17) server 0.00
how to prevent sequence generator from making primary key constrain... -0.30
Mockito does not recognize class -2.02
@Inject a @Stateless-bean into @Singleton/@ApplicationScoped-bean 0.00
Java EE WebApp ServiceLoader loading external jar as plugin 0.00
Java EE Interceptor change return type +0.42
Java EE 7 - How start a transaction from inside a container? 0.00
Pass value to injected EJB +0.43
WildFly: How to separate web applications? 0.00
CDI extension dynamic update property 0.00
Can I use JPA by specifing the database during runtime? +2.46
How to query OneToOne entity for specific value with CriteriaQuery 0.00
JEE - inject a list of beans 0.00
How to check if requested URL is a servlet (in a filter)? 0.00
How to reference a file in Payara 0.00
JAX-RS exception mapper: What about wrapped exceptions and default... 0.00
Is em.persist() or em.merge() not needed or not for update? 0.00
What are the limitations of @Transactional in CDI? 0.00
CDI | Application / Dependent Scope | Memory Leak - javax.enterpris... -0.08
Do I have to set both sides for a bidirectional relationship? -0.14
jdbcTemplate ManyToOne 0.00
How to represent a Map<EntityType, Integer> relation using JPA? +0.41
Veto a CDI bean if another of the same type is present 0.00
Can I use an object as a predicate for criteriaquery in JPA when so... 0.00
Specify some (but not all) constructor parameters at runtime 0.00
How to make unidirectional @oneToMany relationship for 2 tables usi... +1.01
Unable to validate mutli-select input with AngularJS 0.00
How to serialize an injected bean? 0.00
CDI producer reached once -0.53