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brian d foy

1572.94 (3,709th)
104,509 (692nd)
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Title Δ
How to use exec inside eval command? 0.00
Initializing hash of arrays +2.02
Apache not executing a 'do' include function in included pe... +1.45
How can my Perl script detect when a child process (run with `syste... -1.14
Adding hashes to an array (Perl) 0.00
To replace a number with strings in an XML file using a Perl script -1.36
In Perl , How to generate All Possible Patterns , -1.51
Insert linebreak in a file after a string -0.41
How to install cpanm with github action workflow with linux runner? +0.73
API key security using cgi script 0.00
Remove special character while reading file in perl 0.00
Using Perl to count non-special characters in a string +0.31
Speed in replacing a set of words in text in perl - 0.00
How to do chained regex in Perl? +0.53
Perl: "Install" a custom module from a local .pm file int... 0.00
Perl: How to insert a line if match found? +0.40
HTTP::Daemon: How to set a custom value for Server in HTTP-Header? 0.00
find a hash value which points to another hash value +2.56
Perl connection with mssql server -0.11
How to rename multiple files in a folder with a specific format? +1.86
dynamically add leading underscore to existing sub -0.69
Formatting Outlook email in Perl +0.04
Extract Username and Password from Config file in Perl 0.00
How can I download linked PDF files that begin .pl and download def... 0.00
How to use Getopt::Long to store options in complex hash +0.18
Compare two hashes by value to get keys/values where the 2nd is gre... +1.58
How can I extract these table rows from HTML? 0.00
How can I detect empty fields in a hash in Perl? -1.93
Perl Hash is initialised incorrectly when accessing it's undefi... -1.39
How do I extract the last element of the list in Perl? +0.35
Can variable declarations be placed in a common script +0.35
How do I decipher an array of hashes? +1.48
Dynamically finding @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK for a loaded module +0.42
Error installing perl using perlbrew on Big Sur -1.38
How to use perl to parse a text file 0.00
How do I handle installing scripts in Perl modules with multiple ve... +2.24
Executing PHP from Perl CGI 0.00
Perl seems to require an external module to use the builtin sysopen -1.70
How to pipe to and read from the same tempfile handle without race... +0.36
Perl POD: line feed +2.26
GetOptions missing parameter value is not check +0.45
How can I wrap require and use? -0.39
How to match variable length number range 0 to $n using perl regex? +0.38
write Perl Regex +0.01
Perl removing the files using system command returns success always -0.09
How can I send recurring email from Perl? +0.41
Is possible iteration over undefined dereferenced array a bug or a... -1.76
Curl to Perl HTTP Request -0.54
Regex: Interpret groups with the same content as a single group +1.14
Unable to locate XML/ in windows 0.00