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Denis Kozhukhov

1468.66 (4,521,337th)
849 (177,352nd)
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Title Δ
Share extension pass selected text to textview 0.00
Add mp3 files to an iOS app's internal storage from the files app 0.00
Execute a special for loop +5.52
I got error "Type '(UITextRange) -> String?' cannot... -2.18
how to make image size as imageview size 0.00
load multiple images to imageslideshow in swift5 0.00
Auto zoom HTML content in wkwebview 0.00
Why Xcode doesn't show me deprecated methods? 0.00
How can I restrict user input when the value inputed is greater tha... 0.00
IOS Apple Universal Links fails randomly 0.00
How can I update a UICollectionView from another class? 0.00
swift uitextview html image causes crash when copy image is selecte... 0.00
Converting NSPoint to CGPoint using NSPointToCGPoint -1.11
Create a generic Data initializer for Decodable types using Swift -2.26
Apple Pay handle errors Insufficient funds or other edge cases 0.00
iOS tab bar in the middle of the screen 0.00
How to change UIProgressView tint colour as it approaches the end -2.33
Swift - How to add struct attributes in an array? 0.00
Multiply by Random # & Print Result -3.74
How to prevent keychain data to be included in backup and restore p... 0.00
IOS Charts - YAxis scaling number round to nearest hundred, thousan... 0.00
info.plist file doesn't appear even though the icons are in the... 0.00
UITextview is blurred when draw image +0.03
onDelete: Accessing Data From Entry Before it is Deleted 0.00
How to set String value as x of ChartDataEntry.init in Charts? 0.00
How do I display barChart ""bars from "zero "on... 0.00
SwiftUI iOS CHARTS: How to get highlighted value 0.00
Is there a way to add two text values one above and one below bar c... 0.00
How to use separate images for iphone 5 and iphone 6 -3.74
Storing local path in NSURL 0.00
How to handle image scale on all the available iPhone resolutions? -3.65
Auto resizing is not working for view contents in xib file 0.00
ios7: UILabel with newline as first character let's whole text disa... -3.84
Grouping two or more UIimages into one (not merging) 0.00
is it possible to create card scaner app using iphone camera? +0.19
iOS Crash Report - how to find crashing place -3.27
Adjust text inside UILabel -1.89
Convert a string to float in Objective C without rounding it.? -2.06
How to handle graphics in iPhone 4,4s and iPhone 5,5c,5s -0.63
first time launch after software update +0.07
UITableViewCell resort without whole table reload -3.95
How to pass a UIImage back to a view after a popping view -2.64
invalid context 0x0 under iOS 7.0 and system degradation -2.13
How to set status bar's content color to white on iOS 7 -1.44
how to get top and bottom margin exactly same irrespective of conte... 0.00
iOS : Change the text for zxing scanning event which says "Pla... -0.01
How to distinguish between iPhone and iPhone (Retina 3.5 inch) Prog... +3.72
Left-align image and center text on UIButton 0.00
Xcode - Using #pragma mark 0.00